my week in review: 05/24-30

// sharing the photos // telling the stories //

I bought some raspberries on Saturday. 
As I was washing them, 
I popped one in my mouth and was immediately transported back to our house on
4th Street in Brookings, South Dakota.
There was a raspberry patch in the back yard and I loved to go out back and pluck the berries,
popping them into my mouth right off the bush.
Sometimes I would put them on each of my finger tips before sucking them off.

As I told Sarah this memory of mine I showed her how I did it.
She wanted some raspberries on her fingertips, too.
Her fingers fit them so much better than mine, just the right size.
About the same size mine were back in Brookings, I think.
Sarah doesn't like raspberries, though, so after I made her eat at least one, I ate the rest off of her fingertips.

Last week I had decided I ought to get bird feeders instead of flower baskets for the back porch because I can't keep flowers alive.
But then I saw these Boston ferns at Sam's Club for $6.99 each.
Ferns aren't flowers. Maybe I could do them. The tag even said they are tolerant.
I figured that for that price, I should at least try ferns before bird feeders.
So I get done hanging them and JD says to me, he says "the pressure is on now."
I know! 
If I can't keep these ferns alive, it is officially over for me and hanging baskets.
[side note:]
See the chains they're hanging on?
They're shower curtain hangers that I had laying around.
You make do.
I am either very resourceful, very frugal, or very unsophisticated.

We had our first backyard fire of the season.
Some good family time. 
These days we rarely have all five of us together on a weekend evening.

I love the smell of a campfire, watching the flames dance.
We have plenty of wood and kindling thanks to the recent snow storm destroying our arborvitaes.


(We didn't know it when we left for church that morning or I would have brought my real camera.)

We've been talking with all of our kids about getting baptized, but for whatever reason we didn't schedule their baptism for this Sunday.
But when the opportunity came, all three of them were ready to go!

The girls were all smiles in the locker room before getting dunked.

JD was able to baptize them, too, which was really special.

Sunday night at Small Group we got to hold a little ducky.
The family in whose house we were meeting had the duck over the weekend for a 9th grade honors biology class project.
We were pretty excited about the prospect of getting a ducky next year when John's in that class.
Well, some of us were excited.
I tried to have Sarah make a duck face while holding the duck, but she refused, 
opting instead for that sweet Sarah smile. 

That reminds me...
You are welcome for that little flashback to 1976. Or history lesson.

Sarah couldn't wait to get home to light the sparklers we got at 
my cousin's son's (that'd make him my cousin-once-removed) graduation party.

That reminds me...
My cousin's husband (that'd make him my cousin-in-law)'s band on Conan.
My cousin-in-law is the one with the bowl cut, singing.
You are welcome for that flashback to 1993. 

After last week's garage sale outing, I decided that I should have a garage sale.
I have a lot of junk to get rid of.
I haven't had a garage sale since we lived in Kansas City, Missouri and the 
neighborhood association told us that we were having a neighborhood garage sale.
But then they forgot to put the ad in the paper!
I lived on a cul-de-sac in the very back of the development.
There was no traffic.
And it was something like 107 degrees out that day with 1000% humidity.
By noon I'd had it. 
I threw everything in the back of our van and drove it to Goodwill.
I swore I'd never put that much work into making $8 ever again.

But here I go.
Since Memorial Day was rainy, which dashed our plans for a picnic at the park,
I decided to make use of my off day and I ventured down to the basement.
I spent my afternoon sorting things to keep, things to throw and things to sell.

And taking a walk down memory lane.
Dear Thomas, 
Thank you for the hours of fun you were for my son. And my daughters. Okay, and for me too. We had some good times. I will always think of you fondly. 

Dear Target, 
Thank's for having my back and selling cheap wooden tracks that fit Thomas. Also, thank you for selling Fair Trade Coffee and wrapping paper in bright solid colors. You are the bomb. 

I decided to keep some of the kids' (and my) favorite toys.
I just can't part with them.

#raphotoaday day 27: how I relax // sometimes
Other times it might be reading a book, or writing, or watching a show, or doing some art, 
or playing a game.
It rarely ever involves doing anything that gets my heart rate up. 
Because that's kind of not the point of relaxing, right?

Though on second thought...
I did run on the treadmill for 20 minutes (in a row!) (I know!) on Monday. 
I might be persuaded that running has the potential to relax me.
Might be. Maybe.

I'm waiting for our counselling appointment and I got grumpy on. 
I had to borrow John's t-shirt because mine have all shrunk... ahem.
I wasn't really grumpy.
Everyone should go to counselling.
It's that good.

Wednesday morning Sarah and I went to her school early for Wake Up to Art.
Walking around seeing all those fun art projects made me jealous of the art teacher.
I think I need to bring back Art Night at our house.

#raphotoaday day 29: water // my view through the sunroof on Wednesday.
It's been a rainy week.

While I was reading the book I got from my counselor on codependency (a really good book, by the way),
I heard Sarah reading reading her math workbook to her dolls.
They just sat there, intently listening to the word problems and Sarah's explanation of how to solve them.
I had to get a picture.

Once, while the teacher stepped out of the classroom to get some flash cards, 
I had to be the substitute teacher.
"Now girls," I said when Sarah came down the stairs, "stop goofing off and sit in your seats. I don't want to have to tell your teacher that you have been messing around."

Sarah didn't say anything. She was busy doing something in the kitchen.
Finally she said, "I know what you did."

"What? I didn't do anything! The dolls did," I replied.

"I know that you didn't say anything until you knew that I could hear you," she told me.

"Well," I smiled a guilty smile, "that just happened to be when they started goofing off."

She laughed.

When I got to work on Thursday, the parking lot looked like it had 
a thick pink carpet covering a corner of it.

So pretty.
So gone by the afternoon.

Oh look, I got tagged by Amanda to share some... 

// FYI: an MK is a missionary kid & a TCK is a third culture kid //

There are so many random things... those were the things that popped in my head.
I could have said that I moisturize my face with olive oil,
or that I like to dip my french fries in mayonnaise,
or that the first concert I went to was a Beach Boys concert in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I came home from work on Thursday to this.
Our boulevard tree was cut down by the city. The other one will be cut down too.
Kinda sad.
John's happy though that he can put his hoop out on the street now and not have branches in the way.
That boy is all about playing ball.

#raphotoaday day 30: a goofy face // actually, two
I love being goofy with her.

// I've noticed that I have way more pictures of Sarah in my posts lately. //

That's because if I want a picture of Kaitlin I have to pilfer her Instagram account:

And if I want a picture of John, he doesn't cooperate: 


I do this every week, post the pictures from the last seven days, and every week I find joy in remembering even the mundane things that I happened to catch a picture of.

"It's pretty cool that you do this," my husband said one day,
"because we have a record of our weeks and months."
Yes. That is exactly why I do it.
It's so easy and so fun.

You should do it too.

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Jessica said...

Yes, that's exactly why I do instafriday too. Because I no *nothing* else! No scrapbooks, photo albums, nada! Sad :(
I can't believe your week! You got a lot in.
I have to say that you'll probably be glad you have ferns instead of bird feeders... no extra poop on your porch! And my father-in-law just explained the reason they don't have hummingbird feeders at the cabin is because the nectar attracts ants. Duh, good point!
I didn't know that was a last minute decision for your kids to be baptized! Awesome!! I love that your husband could do it too :)
Going anywhere for baseball this weekend?

laura bell said...

Love your ferns. Crossing my fingers that they don't die. But I'm a plant killer too. I bought a few succulents a few weeks ago and I think one is dying. I thought they were supposed to be hearty plants! And I used to love the Ocean Blue. How cool that you're family!
Laura @

Anne Bickle said...

We are not going anywhere for baseball. JD & John are working at/going to the FCA Frasier football camp in EP. Max doesn't play football, does he? I don't remember. If he does, I bet he could go if you want... let me know. // Yeah, wow, I had a long week, didn't I? Or a lot of pictures and a lot of words. In either case, I'm tired. Ready to relax this weekend. ;) // Good thing I went with ferns and not bird feeders, then. Hmmm. // Have a great weekend, girlfriend. xo, ab

Anne Bickle said...

How cool that you used to love The Ocean Blue. You know... they just released a new album and are touring again... The album is good stuff. You might still like them. :) // I love succulents, but I am afraid that they would have to be indoor plants here. My cat eats all my indoor plants before I can kill them. But I probably would kill them if she didn't eat them. That's just what I do. // Have a great week! xo

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures with the pink blossoms.

Danavee said...

The tree breaks my heart.

The ferns make me happy. I LOVE how they look on your porch. And I think resourceful is what I'd go with on your hanging technique.

Unknown said...

Your kids! All baptized on the same day. How wonderful!

Love reading about your week.

-Kari Coppinger

Amanda said...

OH my goodness, Anne, this was SO good!!! I LOVE following you on Instagram and seeing all the pics, but to come back and read all of the goodness that goes along with them is awesome!! I need to get back to doing Insta-Friday the proper way ;) And thanks for including the "share some" tag...I should totally do that, too! ~ I think it's so wonderful that your children were baptized together...that's so beautiful! And I love the ferns!! I actually can't have bird feeders because we have a cat, and I feel like I would just be offering her a buffet. I hope the ferns grow well for you! P.S. I also love the raspberry thing...I will probably catch myself trying that sometime ;) Have a wonderful day my friend, I'll see you on Instagram!

Tamera Beardsley said...

My dear Anne... you do the very best week recaps... so much heart and honesty... and celebration of the sacred beauty of the everyday! Huge Kudos my friend!

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Tamera. xo

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Amanda. I'm glad that my Instagram feed and my blog post are different experiences and it's worth going to both for you. :) I'm not sure that I do InstaFriday the proper way... or that there is any proper way?... but I do have fun doing these posts.


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