my week in review: 4/26-5/2

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My sister got a smart phone.
I had to show her how to use Instagram, of course.
That's what I'm doing in this picture.
"And then you use this filter to make yourself look better than you actually do."

[bonus feature:]

We went over there to watch the bonus features of Beverly Hills Cop.
The bonus features were the main attraction.
Did you know that originally Sylvester Stallone was originally going to play Eddie Murphy's role?

[end bonus feature]


Reggie was pretty happy on Saturday morning when he got to help JD and I do John's paper route.
#baseballparents #paperboyparents
John was in Iowa for a baseball tournament.

Kaitlin had a volleyball tournament on Saturday.
Personally, I think that #22 is a volleyball superstar. 
I may be biased.
Her team finished with 2nd place.

Between volleyball games, I caught a couple rays.
Bummer we had to be inside on such a beautiful day.
I blame sports for the state of my garden beds.

After the volleyball tournament was finished, we caught part of the 9th grade team's game.
I love watching JD coach.


I've always loved the Minneapolis skyline.
My whole life, even with everywhere we lived growing up, 
when I saw that skyline, I felt a sense of home.

Sunday we went up to the Cities for a memorial for JD's sister.
She wanted some of her ashes spread at a specific place, 
so we gathered there to remember her and honor her request.


Our pillows finally arrived.
When our couch was delivered, the pillows that came with it were not the ones we ordered.
It turns out, there were two fabrics with the same ID number.
That's confusing.
We finally got the right ones.
we got two more furry ones because the delivery guys mistakenly ordered them when they put in the order for the correct pillows.


Wednesday afternoon I got a text from my friend, Jamie: 

Jamie: "I have tickets to Americana Showcase tonight - would u be interested in going?"
Me: "Yes! What time?"

I didn't even know what Americana Showcase was, all I knew was that it was a concert with a friend and I was up for that.

Turns out, Americana Showcase is a pretty cool concert series featuring some really talented musicians with roots in the Midwest.


Thursday morning I got up late and went into Kaitlin's room to wake her up.

"Kaitlin! Wake up! It's almost time for you to leave!"

She rolled over to look at me, "Mom. It's a snow day."


I looked out the window 







I never liked those arborvitaes anyways.

    And out the front window, the branches were almost touching the ground they were so heavy with snow.

John got out and attacked the snow. He's so good about that. Doesn't even need to be asked.

Those boulevard trees are old. And they have really needed to be trimmed. 
Each windy storm since we moved into the house we're surprised that there aren't more branches down. 
Finally, this heavy snow is what downed them.
The silver lining in this snow storm is that the city will finally have to take care of the boulevard trees.

Our electricity went out for a couple hours.
With no electricity, I had to find another way to warm up my coffee.

JD and John played Axis & Allies.
Hey kids, back in the old days, before electricity, we played board games to entertain ourselves.

Oh, just going for a nice spring stroll with my husband and my dog.
In the worst snow storm of the year.
Record breaking shattering snowfall.
On May 2nd.
I have to laugh about it.


I decided to do a #tbt (throwback Thursday) post.
One of my favorite photos of us, from our honeymoon, 1994.

How was your week?

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Jessica said...

I'm glad it was Eddie Murphy.
I *love* that shot of you guys delivering papers. Very cool!
Bonus pillows = awesome!
This snow is bogus. The end.
Have a great weekend, you cute youngsters :)

Lucy said...

QWow Anne....I can't believe that snow!!Enough!!!

Sara H said...

They still let kids deliver papers there? That is so nice. I used to when I was a kid but they don't let them do that here anymore. :/

Anne Bickle said...

Yes, they do. But the kids don't have to collect the payments like I used to have to do when I had a route.


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