my week in review: 5/17-23

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Saturday I was expecting to be spending the day in the Cities at a baseball tournament,
but heavy rains delayed our games.

I don't get many Saturdays to garden during baseball season, so I took advantage of the two hour delay.
I picked Mom up and we went to the nursery.
Mom bought some flowers. I love the pink/orange flowers in the front.
I bought a couple plants of the hopefully edible variety.
My poor little veggie garden.
I've mentioned before I haven't had much success with keeping things alive.
I figure I should start out with a 4x4 plot, then maybe if I get a green thumb I can put in another 4x4 plot.
Every year is an experiment.
Even if we don't have a big harvest, it's fun. 
And totally worth $12.59.

After I finished planting, we headed to McDonald's to have some lunch before driving up to John's baseball tournament.
While we were there I got the text that the whole tournament had been canceled!
I may or may not have been disappointed about that.
Now I could go back to the nursery and get some flowers to plant in the flower beds.
Because I have precious few Saturdays to do gardening.

I'll be honest, when I get to the nursery I feel a sort of paralysis.
I don't exactly know what I'm doing when it comes to gardening.
Sun, shade, soil type, drainage. 
It's overwhelming at this point in my life to figure it all out.
And it costs money.
There was a time that I enjoyed figuring it out and coming up with a plan.
But these days I just want someone to tell me what to plant where.
Even then, I do not do so well with caring for them once they're planted.

Every year I put out hanging flower baskets on my porch.
Every year I tell myself that this is the year that they will last the whole summer.
But every year they die within weeks.
My neighbors probably laugh when I put them out. 
Or maybe they cry?
I decided this year that I'd better just hang bird feeders instead of flower baskets.

So there I was at the nursery for the second time on Saturday and 
I got fearful of not being able to do it well.
I decided I need to make a plan, so I opted to get nothing for my flower beds.
I've done that for the past three years.
That's my discouraged perfectionist coming out again.

On the way home from the nursery, mom and I decided to hit up some garage sales.
I haven't been garage sale-ing since, oh, I don't know, when the kids were little?
I like going to garage sales,
but there came a time when I realized that I had a lot of junk in my house,
and I don't need to have any more junk until I get rid of the old junk.
I still haven't gotten rid of the junk.

Here's the pile of junk goodies we found.
I got the wooden tray for serving French bread.
The rest of it was my mom's loot.

 Hmmm. What am I going to do with this now that I have it?
It may be a bread tray, but I see a candle holder.

A cup of lentils, a few tea lights and - wallah! - a fun little centerpiece for my beat up kitchen table.

My kitchen table. 
It has marks all over it. 
We got the table when the kids were little.
I soon realized that trying to keep a pine table mark-free was like trying to make my energetic kids sit still.
I could do it, but was it worth it? 
Not to me it wasn't.
So while I don't want them to destroy the table, 
I also don't fuss over the marks that show up from them pressing to hard with their pencil while they write.
Or when they spill glitter glue over the edge of the newspaper they're working on.
Or when water marks show up.
It's a kitchen table, and kitchen tables should look a little beat up.
At least, that's what I tell myself when I post pictures of my kitchen table and I notice the marks.

Sunday was Kaitlin's last volleyball tournament of the season.
There was a lot of controversy. Too bad it had to end that way, but it was a good season.

I got that new Beautiful Mess app. 
It's all I can do not to post pictures with words all over them.

Sarah and I went for a long walk on Sunday.
She didn't want to go for a short walk because she wanted to get some good exercise.
So we went all the way to the lake and back.
What a precious time talking and listening to her tell me her thoughts as we walked.

"Take a picture of me, Mama," she said as she held the flower up.

Monday morning, I'm waiting to see the doctor with my big boy.
The last time he was at the doctor he was 5'5". Now he's officially 5'9".
I got to stay home from work while he stayed home from school.

Monday afternoon I took my furry kids to the vet.
Kitty hadn't been to the vet since we'd adopted her, so it was time.

Reggie loves going to the vet because he gets lots of treats.
He is a rock star at the vet.
"Oh, he's such a beautiful lab! Oh he's got such a nice coat! Oh his teeth are so good! 
Oh he's so well behaved! Oh he's such a lover!
Oh Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!"
How could I ever have not loved him?

Monday night John played at the city's stadium downtown by the river.
We played the other Rochester 14 AAA Travelling team, the team he was on last year.
John went 2 for 2 at the plate.
I was, admittedly, disappointed that his coach pulled him due to playing time rotations.
That's youth baseball in Rochester for you, I guess.

He came back into the game to pitch with 2 outs and runners on first and second at the top of the 7th inning, the winning run at the plate.
He threw two pitches and got the batter to pop up to right field to end the game.
We won the game, 4-2.

I love waking her up each morning.
"Good morning, Sarah, I love you!" I'll say as I flip on the light, turn off the fan, then lean down 
to give her a kiss. 
She might giggle or she might groan as I tickle her awake.
But this morning I saw her there like this -- those big freckles across her nose and under her eyes -- the ringlets in her bangs she wishes she could wish away but that I love so much -- her face at peace -- and I just had to pull out my camera phone before waking her up so that I could remember 
this little sleeping beauty.

This is Rusty.
He's been loved real hard for almost 15 years now.
Rusty's head has been falling off for a while, and this week I finally got my needle and thread out to perform some major surgery.
Sometimes I want to replace that ribbon with a new one.
But then I think that would just look odd.

[side note:]

See Rusty's leg?
Many years ago, when we lived with JD's mom, she saw the hole in the leg and decided to sew it up.
(She was much faster at sewing things than I am.)
When John saw Rusty's fixed leg, he became inconsolable.
The hole was made by John's finger.
On purpose.
It was a comfort thing for him as he would fall asleep.
I ripped open the hole in the leg so he could sleep and it has never been repaired again.

[end side note]

This has been quite a week at work.
I've had to do a little CSI work by watching security tapes.
Conduct interviews. Calm tempers. Hand out lease infractions.
Fun, fun.

She's making a wish.
We are trying to make these Mama/Sarah walks a regular thing.

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Jan Winnes said...

I remember when Rusty was brand new, and John was a tiny infant. You laid John and Rusty side by side to compare length and they were pretty even!
Great use of the french bread tray!

Opa said...

Now I know what the previous commenter got at the garage sale! I thought we were getting rid of stuff!

laura bell said...

Of course kitchen tables are supposed to look well loved! There is a story behind each scratch, dent, sharpie mark, etc. Yep, I've given up too on keeping furniture in brand new condition. But as my littles are growing older and leaving the nest, the condition of the furniture doesn't bother me so much. Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

Krystina Montemurro said...

what a full week! i love all those beautiful flowers. and the tea lights in lentils - genius! and those spools, i die. and, and, and :) ciao bella.

Lucy said...

Precious, precious...
You make me laugh though...I wish we could go to the greenhouse together...
Love the philosophy on your table...

Jessica said...

I have to laugh at all your gardening woes. I'm the same way! But each year, I try something new with high hopes. I was thinking maybe this would be the year...but then the cold didn't help as I've still got nothing in the ground or planters. We'll see ;)
I love the story of Rusty! I would've ripped out the repair in the leg too.
So, you weren't kidding about CSI! I wondered about that after seeing it on Instagram.
Enjoy your weekend (& walks with sweet Sarah)!

Mindy Whipple said...

Such a sweet little girl you have - and that well loved teddy bear, be still my heart! Those nursery pictures make me want more plants but I am at my limit. Outdoor plants like our house - indoor ones cry and beg to be put out of their misery...

Danavee said...

I love your ferns (Instagram today). I want a porch like that!!!


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