my week in review: 5/3-9

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I'm going to start out my week by giving away the ending.
On the left, a photo taken last Thursday.
On the right, a photo taken this Wednesday.
What a crazy first week of May!

We went for a walk while the snow was still coming down last week.
This robin hopped along in front of us.
Poor thing. 
It's hard to get food when there's a foot of snow on top of it.

On my way to work last Friday, this is what I saw.
How could they have known, when they put the ad in the paper, that we'd get 14 inches of snow on May 2nd?
Frost, maybe. 
A dusting, possibly. 
But over a foot? No way. 
Previously unheard of.

I ventured into the basement to make some sense of the mess that's accumulated down there.
A snowy Saturday in May seemed like as good a time as any to get down there.
The grade school art pictures line the walls to the basement.
I can't take them down.

Saturday evening we went to see 42 with our kids and my sister.
We don't go to the movie theater very often, especially all five of us.
But we're a baseball family and this story was an important part of American history.
We weren't disappointed.

That night when I said goodnight to the kids, I asked them each to pray - as I often do.
All three of them thanked God for Jackie Robinson.
Amen to that.

Sunday we celebrated Sarah's birthday again, this time with my Mom and sister.
Mom was out of town on Sarah's birthday and Sarah really wanted to have a special meal at Oma's.
Thanks for making it special, Oma!

There weren't any candles for the cake, so while we were singing, 
I reached behind me and grabbed a pillar candle for her to blow out. 
Sometimes you just make do.
"No boyfriends!" she said right away after blowing the candle out successfully.

Monday was the talent show at the middle school.
John was in it -- DANCING! -- so of course I had to go get video.
They did several songs, but the song where the boys were supposed to do a kick line somehow got skipped. Bummer. I was looking forward to seeing that.

Here's the video, ohne kick line:
In the first song, John is in the front row, far right (looking at the stage).
In the last song, John is getting spun around.

In case you didn't watch the whole video, here's a still shot.
He got some air.
Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey, Shake Ta, Ta. 
(Those are the actual lyrics, I looked them up.)

After the show, I caught John with some of his friends from Larsen's Dance Team 2013.

Mr. Larsen is an 8th grade science teacher who led the trip John took to DC over spring break.
He made the class memorize the Vikings fight song on the first day of school. 
I think John would do anything for Mr. Larsen.
Even be on his dance team.

Monday night I was playing chauffeur and I got to see this amazing sunset.
I had been throwing myself a little bit of a pity party because some nights I feel like all I do is haul people around.
But then I realized that in one month (!) my boy will be old enough to drive.
I will miss the times we have in the car together when he no longer needs a chauffeur.

[bonus feature:]

I learned to drive in Germany.
On the farmers' roads and the Autobahn.
When we moved to Germany, we drove by a car dealership with a big sign that said:
And every exit on the Autobahn said: Ausfahrt.
We all got a kick out of that.
Soon John will be learning to fahrt.
(snicker, snicker)

[end bonus feature]

After baseball this happened.
He sat in there for fifteen minutes.
I heard all sorts of weird sounds coming from the bathroom.
"Honey? Do you need any help in there?" I had to ask.
"Naw, mom" he gasped in reply.
"Okay then, good luck. Hope it helps."

Between dropping John off at baseball and picking Kaitlin up from volleyball, 
I stopped in at the library to pick up my next book club book. 

I love going to the library.
It's exhilarating to think of all the possibilities, all the stories, all the knowledge.
I really need to get there more often when I have more time.
When I am not in between chauffeuring appointments.

Consider it my Mother's Day gift to moms of bored kids out there.
You're welcome.

This is my view every Monday through Friday until the mail is delivered.
Often I'll hear them say that they get only bills, or even an empty mail box.
But still they wait. 
And hope.

Write a senior citizen today.
If you don't know a senior citizen, send one in c/o me at work, 
and I'll make sure it gets to someone who needs one.
93 E. 4th Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992

"Toes, I'd like to introduce you to the sun." 
"Sun, please meet my toes."
It's a re-introduction I've been looking forward to making for a while now.

Day 8: can't leave the house without
(I'm doing a photo-a-day thing again. This time I'm doing it with @realadampowell.)

I will kiss everyone in my family before I leave the house if I can find them.
And I'll try to get kisses from them before they leave the house.
It's true.
Though my boy would rather give me fist bumps, and I'll take what I can get from him.
I'm working with him on how to give hugs that aren't stiff.
"C'm'ere and do that again without sticking your butt out. Relaaax."

I went for a nature walk along an old railroad bed during my lunch hour.
One of my residents came into the office and was beyond excited to tell me all about all the flowers blooming along the path.
He pretty much made me promise to go see for myself.
I'm glad I did.

It's so good to see new life peeking through the dead leaves after a long season of waiting.

How was your week?

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laura bell said...

Sounds like a lovely week. Love the story about teaching your son how to give a proper hug! Enjoy your weekend!


Necole said...

Oh my goodness I love little old men. I am going to have my girls make some pretty pictures for them. I cannot believe snow in May! Have a great mothers day!

Anne Bickle said...

Yay! They will love drawings from your girls! I could not believe the snow in May either, lol. I hope you have a very good Mother's Day, too, friend. xo

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Laura! You too!

Jessica said...

The dance video was great! Was he afraid he'd get flung into the audience? Hopefully he didn't wind up with any stomach/chest wounds ;)
And I must say I'm a bit confused by the bathroom conversation...maybe I don't want to know?!
I love the library too. Lately I've been addicted. Like I can't wait to get my kids into bed so I can read. I may or may not get a little crabby if they don't move as fast as I want.
Have a lovely weekend!

Anne Bickle said...

Oh, haha, I guess if you don't know what that was, it would be confusing. He was sore so he took an ice bath after baseball practice. It was very COLD! And he had to sit in it for 15 minutes!! Imagine all the sounds you hear from people submerging their bodies in ice cold water. That's what I heard. And it was concerning me. :) I hope you have a good weekend, too, friend! xoxo

Lucy said...

What a great week in review...I'm Canadian and I still can;t get over that snow!!! Thanks for explaining the bathroom pic....:) I wasn't sure what it was at first....I should try a post like this reflective and real.

Danavee said...

I cannot get OVER that snow! 14 inches!!! INSANE!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Anne Bickle said...

You should, Lucy. It's fun for me to have a record of my weeks. It is fun to look back on the week and realize that it was a pretty full week after all. The mundane things of the week become significant somehow.

Anne Bickle said...

I know!!!


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