my week in review: 6/21-27//2013

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I realized that I have been doing this InstaFriday post for a year now!
I simultaneously realized I need to start putting the year in these post titles.
It's fun to look back on posts from last year and be able to have those memories captured here for me, for our family, to remember.

Kaitlin and her friend, Lilly. 
They are all ready to have fun at the Open Skate.
Except they wouldn't let me take their picture anywhere but in the car so that no one would see them getting their picture taken.
Because it's really embarrassing to get your picture taken apparently.


my week in review: 6/14-20

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories // 

Sarah and I and her doll, Emma, had a Mother / Daughter / Doll date last Friday. 
I took the day off of work and the three of us headed up to the Mall of America.


Our Mother / Daughter / Doll Date

Sarah has been asking for me to take her to the American Girl store at the Mall of America for a long time. 
Finally, this last weekend she and I got to have our mother/daughter/doll date. 

Sarah laid out her and Emma's outfits the night before. We sent Kaitlin a text to see if Sarah could wear Kaitlin's pink top, and Kaitlin said it was okay with her (such a nice big sister). The next morning, we woke up early to get ready. Sarah wanted her hair straightened so that she would look "just like Kaitlin," who often straightens her hair. It was emotionally difficult for me to straighten Sarah's perfectly coiled curly-Qs, but she knew what she wanted. 


Privacy Settings & the (Strategic) Bloggy-Blog

"C'mon in!" Or not.
I got a pretty positive response to my last post on bloggy-blogging. Several who have started blogs but have been sidetracked by the concept of blogging success, mentioned that they were grateful for my take on bloggy-blogging. Other people told me that they're interested in starting a blog... they just don't know where to begin.

I thought I'd write a post for you who are interested in blogging but are unsure about it. One of the things that I was concerned about when I started was the issue of privacy, so that's where I will begin.

I think I may have been misleading in my last post because there can be strategy behind bloggy-blogging. It's just that you approach strategic-blogs and bloggy-blogs differently. Perhaps if I wrote my last post over again, I might call it professional-blogging vs. bloggy-blogging.

As you think about setting up your blog, you will need to be strategic in how you choose your settings. First, you need to ask yourself a strategic question which will help you decide on your privacy settings.


my week in review: 6/7-13

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories //

I went to a funeral on Friday of one of the owners of the building I manage.
It was at a Greek Orthodox church.
This picture is of the ceiling of the dome at the church.

Now here's the story of this particular picture:

I didn't know the part-owner whose funeral it was.
I'd heard his name a lot and I'd met him in a meeting once. But I didn't know him.
I definitely didn't know him well enough to want to see him in his casket.
I was kinda there for work.
Before the service started, when people were going up to his casket to pay their respects,
I whispered to my co-worker, Rachel, if she thought it would be bad if I went to the front 
not to see Peter, but to see the ceiling.
From where we were sitting we could not see the ceiling.
I've always seen the outside of this golden dome from Lake Calhoun, 
and I've always wondered what the dome looked like from the inside.
In order to see the ceiling, I went up the side aisle and quickly aimed it at the ceiling for a photo.
Is that wrong?
When I got back to my seat, Rachel and Todd were eager to see the picture, because they, too,
wanted to know what it looked like.


What The Bloggy-Blog

Reach out and share yourself.
You need to have a blog. Well, not really. But I want you to have a blog.

Because I want to read your blog. I want to know what is up with you. Or, down with you. What is on your mind and in your heart. I want to get to know you better, and if you start a blog I will be able to. Because you will blog about things that wouldn't necessarily come up in conversation. But we will most likely have conversations that come up over things you blog about.

It's not all selfish, though. I want you to have a blog for you. I think you might enjoy bloggy-blogging.

Yes, you! I'm talking to you -- my siblings, my parents, my relatives, my friends who live nearby, my friends who live far away, friends of my friends, friends who I have yet to meet. If you are reading this post, I am talking to you.


You don't have to be an expert at anything to have a blog. I struggled with that for a while. I thought I was being pretty pretentious to think that I had anything to offer, when there are so many good blogs out there already covering so much good stuff. And then it occurred to me that there are a couple different kinds of blogs.


my week in review: 5/31-6/6

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories //

Sarah's artwork was chosen to be on display at Mayo Clinic last week.
On Friday after work I picked Sarah and JD up, and we headed downtown to see it.


My Firstborn Is Fifteen Today

I was looking through some photos to post a birthday greeting to John on Facebook and I found a couple. I really need to organize my photos, digital and film. I didn't want to embarrass him and post too many. It's tricky being a parent on Facebook.

So I'll put a few here.
Because they got me thinking...


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