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Sarah's artwork was chosen to be on display at Mayo Clinic last week.
On Friday after work I picked Sarah and JD up, and we headed downtown to see it.

It was kind of a treasure hunt.
It took us a while to find it.
They told us it was on the ground floor, but her's was in the basement past the cafeteria with the beautiful welded metal wall.

At first she didn't recognize the artwork as hers.
"It's upside down," she said when she finally saw it.
It bothered her that it was upside down.
Of course it did. I mean really.
"Take a picture and turn it right side up," she insisted.

Here it is.
The right side up flower by Sarah.
Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.

Friday night, on the way home from picking up John from baseball practice, I was enthralled by the clouds.
As was everyone else in the Rochester area who I am friends with on Instagram. 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful clouds.

And then the storm came. 
Tornado warnings kept disrupting our digital on demand movie, Jack Reacher. 

It's funny how something so beautiful can be so turbulent.

Things are not always what they seem.

It's funny, too, how lightning adds nitrogen to the soil. 
How storms that have potential for destruction also have potential for good.

Speaking of adding things to the soil, I went over to my parents and dug up some of their unwanted plants.
Some Autumn Joy Sedum and what I really hope ends up being spirea.
The spirea may end up being something else. Hopefully not weeds.
It was hard to tell what was what when I was digging it out. 
I had to cut it way back because I wasn't able to get a lot of the roots.
So hopefully, while the spirea (?) twigs stick out of the ground, 
the roots will be doing the important work of establishing and growing.
This is all a big experiment for me.

It's funny how what goes on underground is so vital to what happens above ground.
How the beauty of what we see - often only for a short while - is determined by the health of what we don't see.

About 30 seconds after I started digging, I realized I should have changed out of my Birks and jeans.
I transplanted a couple day lilies that really were not in a good spot in our back yard, 
a couple hostas, a mystery plant that our neighbor gave us, 
and then planted the flowers that Sarah got me as well as the sedum.
I hope to get some colorful annuals to fill in the bare spots.
Whichever annuals are left over at the garden center for all of us procrastinators.

I don't know.
We might change it.
But for now, that's where they are. 
I hope they do okay.
The bunnies have already found that mystery plant.
Those durn bunnies.

Early Monday morning the tree cutters were back.
The second boulevard tree was down by the time I left for work on Monday.
Fortunately there are so many mature trees in our neighborhood that it doesn't feel too bare.
But still.

I have a new car accessory.
It makes me so happy to see it there, dancing on my dashboard.
It was a gift from the girl who hosted our book club meeting on Sunday.
I love our little book club.
I love that we can discuss books that, while I'm reading I think, but what is there to discuss?
There's always something to discuss.
And I love that we discuss lots of other stuff too.
It's a nice little monthly respite.

JD and I had a spontaneous coffee date on Tuesday.
Look, I made an almost star from the coffee cup sleeve.

I fold things at restaurants.
It's what I do -- that's what someone told me one time.
Since then I catch myself folding a wrapper and think, huh, I do, in fact, fold things.

When I have fast food I will fold the wrapper from the outsides in, 
making sure that any crumbs or condiments are contained in the center within the folds.
It's neater that way.
Then I will fold it in half, and in half again.
I do this without thinking.

If only I could fold the laundry so unconsciously.

My morning reading this week.
Two of my favorite books right now.
The one, so devotional.
The other, so revealing.
Both, so helpful.

I'm processing the codependence book right now.
Will probably post about it eventually.
Lots of stuff there.
Good stuff.

"Good morning, it's time for your Birthday breakfast in bed!"
To which he replied (I'm paraphrasing) "uhn."

He didn't even sit up. 
He just grabbed the bowl of blueberries off the plate and set it next to him and started popping them in his mouth. 

I have a fifteen year old boy now!

He'll learn to drive this summer.
He'll start high school in the fall.
That is only four more years until he goes off to college.

I found this picture of him to post on Facebook with his birthday wish:
He would wear that uniform every time the Vikings played.
He knew all the players by name and number, even at that age.

Then I found a whole bunch of pictures so I had to make a whole separate post.
He probably won't even see it because he doesn't read my blog.
I guess the pictures are more for me anyways.

I had the after school birthday snacks waiting for the boys when they got home from school.
All of John's favorite things.

"Say 'Instagram!'"

(It is hilarious to sit in the other room and hear what they talk about, btw.)

Look, there's a picture of John with Rusty, who I sewed up last week.
That was back when Rusty was plump and soft and his leg was not holey.
I put out John's baby photo albums along with the after school birthday treats.
The boys enjoyed seeing the pictures.
I'm pretty sure John did too.

While the birthday boy hung out with his friends, JD and I did his paper route for him.
We walked the route together.
I snuck this picture from across the street.
Wanted to remember it.
(I love that guy.)

Throw back Thursday.

[bonus feature:]

I was 26 years old when I had John but I thought I was 27.
I didn't find out until later that fall, just before my birthday.
Of course, since it was almost my birthday, I was as good as 28 in my head.
"How old are you?" 
"I'm 28. Well, almost," I'd say.
You know how it is.

So there I am, almost 28, and I receive in the mail a family tree from my mother's side.
I'm reading through the family tree and I see that they have John's information on there.
Oh, it looked so nice to have my own son on my family tree.
And then I noticed that, in the information about us, it said that "Anne had John when she was 26."
Uh-oh, they got that wrong, I thought.
And then it occurred to me to do the math.
Well, how about that! 
I really was 26 when I had him.
So when I turned 27 it was like, "been there, done that."

[end bonus feature]

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Jessica said...

Oh my! I can't believe you thought you were a whole year older! And that's cool, because I was 26 when I had Max too :) We're almost mom-twins (if there is such a thing), but my girls are one year closer than yours...right? I love the little guy pics of John. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday to your big guy!

jody said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Kids grow too fast! Right?!? Your book club sounds fun. I miss the one i used to go to before we moved. Such great friendships form over books for some reason. Happy birthday to your son. Hope you have a great week:)


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