my week in review: 6/21-27//2013

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I realized that I have been doing this InstaFriday post for a year now!
I simultaneously realized I need to start putting the year in these post titles.
It's fun to look back on posts from last year and be able to have those memories captured here for me, for our family, to remember.

Kaitlin and her friend, Lilly. 
They are all ready to have fun at the Open Skate.
Except they wouldn't let me take their picture anywhere but in the car so that no one would see them getting their picture taken.
Because it's really embarrassing to get your picture taken apparently.

Posing for a picture like this, though? 
Not embarrassing. 
Kaitlin put some baby dill pickles in her mouth while we were talking in the kitchen. 
We laughed at how ridiculous it looked.
"O, I need to get a picture of that to post it on my week in review!"
And she posed for me! 
Over and over again until I got just the right picture of her pickle mouth.
But please don't take a photo of us outside of the ice rink in front of our friends.
Silly girls. I've been there. I totally get it.

I had to take this picture to make up for the pickle face picture. 
Such a silly and pretty girl I have.


I've been frustrated with my wrapping paper storage for-ever.
I've had them in both the horizontal and vertical plastic storage boxes that are made for wrapping paper rolls.
I've sewn my own wrapping paper storage hanger thingie.
But the rolls inevitably tore and smooshed.
Finally, the other day, I was going through my closet and saw this scarf hanger that I bought at IKEA years ago for my couple of scarves that I hardly wear.
Years of wrapping paper storage frustration gone, just like that.
So happy.


Saturday it was hot and muggy in Rochester for John's baseball tournament.

A little post game conference with Coach Bickle to address some batting techniques.
One of the moms came up to me while they were talking like this and asked me if JD could give her son some pointers too. He's a good coach.

On Sunday we were back at the baseball fields for a triple header.
(The Saturday night game got rained out & was rescheduled for Sunday.)

Kaitlin and Lexi are the best baseball fans around.
Always standing right by the dugout.
Always bringing in the foul balls to the players.
Always offering to bring John another water.

These two. I love them.

He got a little dirty.
Oxi-Clean is my friend.


On Monday I worked at a different senior apartment building that my company owns and manages, 
helping the property manager there get ready for a party the residents were having.

You could say that I was there to help 

I was assigned to take pictures at the photo booth.

Coincidentally, the #raphotoaday photo prompt for the day was:  
#raphotoaday day 24: I mustache you a ? (a mustache photo)
Of course I had to get a picture of the other property manager and myself.
We mustache the question to low income seniors: "Would you like to rent an apartment?"


Later that night, when I saw Kaitlin, I asked her if she saw my mustache picture on Instagram.
She looked at me in pure horror.


"I know," I said.

"MOM!" she said again, disgusted.

"What?" I asked, a little confused by her sudden lack of humor. "I thought it was funny."

"Don't post a picture of your MUSTACHE on Instagram! My friends can see it."

"You didn't see the picture, did you?"

"No," she said, opening up her IG feed, "I can't believe you... oh... haha... I thought you took a picture of..."

"Kaitlin, tell me the truth -- do you think I need to wax my lip?" 

So then I posted this for her and all her friends who follow me.


#raphotoaday day 25: looking up 
// or, as they say in baseball... "head's up!" //
Tuesday night double header.
John had a great night at the plate.
5 line drives for base hits, 1 fly out to right field, and 1 HBP.
Plus a couple stolen bases and a couple RBIs.

Our baseball terminology lessons continued as we watched the game with JD.

Baseball Terminology 101

HBP = hit by pitch
RBI = runs batted in

"line drive" vs. "ground ball"
A line drive is a ball that is hit low and drops into the outfield grass.
A ground ball is a ball that is hit low and drops into the infield dirt.

"pop up" vs. "fly ball"
The fly ball is hit high in the air. The term is usually used when the ball is hit to the outfield, 
but can also be used when the ball is hit high to the infield ("infield fly").
The pop up is hit high in the air to the infield only.
A batter cannot pop up to the outfield.

"runs" vs. "points"
In baseball you score runs, not points.
Never say, "we have three points" unless you want to have your baseball purist snicker at you.
It's "we have three runs."

I think that's enough information to process for this week.

[class dismissed]

Sarah and her friend, Ellie, from softball.
We call these two "The Smash Sisters" or "Smash and Bash."
Her dad helps out with John's baseball team, so Sarah gets to hang out with her at baseball games too.


She's watching a baking show.

"Guess what, Mom?" Sarah said on day. "July 30th is a special day. Do you know why?"

"Yes, I do know why!" I said with a smile. It's our anniversary. 
It'll be nineteen years.

"What is your favorite dessert?" she asked.

"Hmmm. That's a hard one..."

She interrupted my thoughts of sweets with 
"what do you want me to make you for dessert on your anniversary?"

Quickly I readjusted my choices to the "easy to make" category. 
"Oh, how about brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. I love that."

Wednesday morning as I left for work, I went to give her a kiss and found her watching a video on how to make hot fudge sauce. 

"You know," I said, "We could just buy hot fudge sauce."

"I know," she replied. "but I want to make it."

I love that. 
She has a whole month to figure it out.


Sarah was not too happy that I had her pose for a picture after her stint as catcher because 
she was eager to get out of that catcher's gear.
(I don't blame her.)
But she's so cute in that getup! I had to get a pic.
(I don't blame me.)

Thursday Night Lights.
We lost, but - hey! - it was a beautiful night to watch baseball.

How was your week?
I had a hard week. 
But I'm thankful for this weekly post to help me look back and remember the beautiful ordinary.

I'm @annebickle on Instagram, linking up with @jeannettg for InstaFriday.

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Amanda said...

OH my goodness, your daughter is adorable and awesome!!! I LOVE the pickles and her wanting to make you a special anniversary dessert and watching the video!!! AAHHH, I would die :) I actually thought it was pretty awesome that the #raphotoaday mustache prompt fell on the same day as your party. I remember seeing your pictures and thinking it was perfect ;) I enjoy all of you baseball pictures, too. While I myself was never an athlete (shocking, I know) my brother and sister both played ball, so it's fun seeing all the pictures from the field! ~ And I just have to tell you, your comment on my Insta-Friday post made me smile and laugh out loud for real! I mean...maybe we have left the house like that, and I just chose to forget ;) Hahaha! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!! :)

Lucy said...

These are always so humorous and heart warming :))I think you have a teenager or two.. That gift wrap oh my BRILLIANT!! My girls would love it as I hardly have any but Christmas wrap around it seems...
I love baseball games they look so American and fun...My family doesn't play many sports (other than soccer my son)but I like watching baseball. Have a wonderful weekend, Anne. Hugs...Lucy~

Jessica said...

I always love seeing baseball pics in my insta feed :) I'm so happy we can relate in baseball, my friend! Wow, Sarah is so impressive. I just know Annika would LOVE to hang out with her and learn some things about baking and just all the little fun things she does. I just can't get over that she is researching fudge sauce a month early! Love that girl. And I'm with you... I'm a total sucker for kids in the catcher's uniform!
BTW, I would've gotten a big kick out of receiving a text pic of your folded subway wrapper!

Oma said...

Wow! A year of InstaFridays. It has become something I look forward to reading each Friday. Thanks, Anne. I appreciate your good humor, and the opportunity to share with you and the family in some of those memories!


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