Our Mother / Daughter / Doll Date

Sarah has been asking for me to take her to the American Girl store at the Mall of America for a long time. 
Finally, this last weekend she and I got to have our mother/daughter/doll date. 

Sarah laid out her and Emma's outfits the night before. We sent Kaitlin a text to see if Sarah could wear Kaitlin's pink top, and Kaitlin said it was okay with her (such a nice big sister). The next morning, we woke up early to get ready. Sarah wanted her hair straightened so that she would look "just like Kaitlin," who often straightens her hair. It was emotionally difficult for me to straighten Sarah's perfectly coiled curly-Qs, but she knew what she wanted. 

During the drive I let Sarah choose the music. We listened to Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, L.M.F.A.O., and the like. Then, all of a sudden I hear the first few lines of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson and I cannot even describe how excited I got to hear it. I turned the tunage way up. And then she changed it on me! So disappointed. There's nothing like MJ out there today.

I made reservations to have lunch at the American Girl Bistro. We left in plenty of time to make the 1-1/2 hour drive to get there by 11:45 am. Sarah was pretty insistent on that, because she wanted to "do some shopping" before we ate. The thought of shopping at American Girl is not very exciting to me. I never played with dolls growing up. I had them, I wanted dolls because my friends and cousins had them, but I never really played with them. But Sarah, she loves her doll and she spends time actually playing with it. By herself. Without friends. 

But the price tag! For real, AG? Even if I liked dolls, I can't spend that kind of money on them. Geeze. The shopping part was stressful for me. I do not like AG for that reason. That's why I hide the catalogs when the arrive in the mail. But, this day was about her, and she likes AG. I gave her a limit, and although she was like a kid in a candy store who could only have one piece of candy, she did great.  

After the meal we walked around the Mall of America. She didn't want to ride the rides right away after eating. I suppose that was smart.

We saw some mall cops and Sarah was pretty sure that they must be the ones from the show Mall Cop: Mall of America. We also ended up right in the middle of a bunch of beauty contestants who had on their crowns and sashes from various Minnesota towns. You never know what you're going to see when you go to MOA.

Sarah and I found a store that we knew John would love. I think it would be accurate to say that this is pretty much what he thinks Heaven must be like.

We had fun trying on some purple nerd glasses and taking pictures.

And then, 
she declared, 
our tummies were ready to ride the rides.

This was our view as we ate our lunch at American Girl, so we knew that this ride was the one we wanted to go on, it looked so fun. And boy! Was it ever fun!

Can you tell? Look at our big smiles. My favorite part of the day, hands down, was sitting next to her as she screamed and laughed and screamed and laughed some more. I may have even screamed and laughed myself.

Since we were right across the street...

...since I had to go to the American Girl store...

...I kinda insisted that as long as we were practically already there...

And then it was time for the long ride home.

It was a long, full, fun day.


Lucy said...

That is utterly priceless! What a fun day!So fleeting that age.Even tho there is still great times as they get older...I love the innocence.

Darlene said...

What cuties you are!! So glad you had a fun day together. I think when I see the prices on American Girl dolls and accessories, I am glad I have a boy!! Legos are way cheaper :) Just kidding...Girls are amazing, too

Tamera Beardsley said...

So glad you and your girl had a special day together! I miss those days when a little happiness could be purchased with some doll accessories. My daughter collected them, getting a new one each Christmas. Although, neither she, or I, knew how to 'play' with dolls... I have always been a little envious of those that can. My youngest son could play with his cars for hours on end, so much so I almost started to worry...until he told me all of the intricate stories he had going on.

I am sure you made memories that day, which will last a lifetime... priceless.

Amy said...

Treasured moments. I love how you captured it here:) You're an excellent mother. I'm not sugar coating it, and I don't think you were fishing for that at all! But, I think it and wanted to say it. You pay attention to who your kids are and meet them there. In my way of thinking, that makes an excellent mother!


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