my week in review: 7/19-25//2013

// sharing our pictures // telling our story //

Friday Sarah came to work with me and we had lunch on the back patio.


when photos are more than just photos


Several years ago we went on a date one summer evening in downtown Rochester. At that time I didn't have a smart phone and Instagram didn't exist. I just brought my point-and-shoot camera that fit in my purse and I pulled out as often as I pull out my camera-phone now.

I took a few pictures as we walked through Peace Plaza after dinner, but after a few shots JD asked me to put the camera away. I was not very happy that he was not happy to let me take pictures. I was really feeling the artistic vibe. I was really feeling close to him. I experienced it as a rejection of part of who I was. The funny thing is, he was experiencing it as a rejection of him.


my week in review: 7/12-18//2013

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories //

 Somebody passed his driver's permit test!!!!
( this is what riding in the back seat of the van feels like...)

Friday after baseball practice I got a call from JD telling me to come outside to the driveway.
I expected to see John driving the van since I knew by then that he'd passed his test,
but I didn't expect to get to go for a ride with him.
"Hop in!" JD called from the shotgun seat.
We went for a little drive around the neighborhood.
John's first time driving farther than the length of our driveway.
It was momentous.
"I passed my first car!" John said as a car passed us going the other way.
This is going to be fun!


my week in review: 7/5-11//2013

// sharing the photos // telling the stories //

Sarah and I made some strawberry yogurt popsicles.
Earlier I had seen this recipe posted on Laura Bell's blog and I had to try it.
The verdict: good, but next time I make them, I'll add more strawberries, less yogurt.
I love the honey flavored Greek yogurt, but my kids don't so much.



I was going through some of my old journals from middle school and I came across something I had forgotten: a scab.

One of the highlights of my youth group's winter retreat in the mountains of upstate New York was tubing down the icy hill towards the frozen lake. The thrill of flying over the ice was fun, but it was the boys lining the hill to jump on our inner tubes -- that was the highlight.

As I was headed downhill, Mark Roemke jumped onto my inner tube. I didn't even care he jumped right onto my head, pressing my forehead against the ice all the way down the hill. When we got to the bottom, I joined my friends and was all "You guys! Mark!! Was on my head!!!"


my week in review: 6/28-7/4//2013

// sharing my pictures // telling my stories //

We cleaned out the garage on Saturday.
Had to get a photo of John with all his many bats from over the years.


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