my week in review: 6/28-7/4//2013

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We cleaned out the garage on Saturday.
Had to get a photo of John with all his many bats from over the years.

This TV armoire has been in our garage for a while, and I finally put it up on Craig's List.
I had kinda been given an ultimatum.
At first I was going to list it for a small amount to just get rid of it.
But JD convinced me to list it for more.
We got somewhere in between.
More importantly, we can now fit both our cars in our garage.
"Au revoir, armoire. I hope you like your new home."
Also, who needs a trailer when you have a boat?

Getting ready for Saturday night date night!

Historic Third Street in Rochester is my favorite.

This guy is also my favorite.
There wasn't much food on the menu, but they did have spinach artichoke dip.
I like to think of myself as a spinach artichoke dip connoisseur of sorts.
This was -- by far -- the best spinach artichoke dip I have had. 
For real.
I want to go back for more.

She is one cool cat!
This is what John does to Kitty.
And, for some strange reason, Kitty -- who will not let anyone barely touch her -- 
is okay with John doing stuff like this.

(I am totally going with the King's Speech themed wall, should anyone ask why we haven't fixed it yet.)

Sunday afternoon/evening we got to watch as our worship leader/student ministries director got married to his beautiful bride.

Both the bride and groom have been such a positive influence in the lives of our children.
So grateful for them.

Um, I'm pretty sure that I am standing in a hole.
Or that John is standing on his tip toes.
He cannot be that much taller than me.

The bride and groom encouraged Instagrammers to take pictures and post them with a specific hashtag.
Consequently I spammed all of my IG followers with photos of a beautiful wedding.

Between the reception and the dancing, Lisa and I found a great spot to enjoy the view.
(I stole this pic from @peeperpenington. Thanks!)

The venue, the Mayowood Stone Barn, was amazing.
I'm officially keeping that in the back of my mind for future reference. 
No rush, just saying.

Those spirea that I transplanted from my parents, 
the ones I cut down to nothing and planted out front of our house,
are starting to show some life.
It's so exciting! Because I have no idea what I'm doing!

Relaxing on the front porch with my honey.
I love sitting there and talking.

On one of our walks over Zumbro River, just down the street from our house.

On Wednesday one of my tenants brought me espresso when he came down for our meeting to go over his paperwork.

Then after work we went swimming.
Well, Sarah went swimming. I sat on the side of the pool mostly. 
The water was cold!
Here we're playing a game she made up called "The Dunking Game"
which is really Twenty Questions. 
If the answer is no, I let go and she goes under.
It's lots of fun. 

On the way home from the pool, JD let John drive from our street into the driveway.
John took driver's ed class, now he only needs to take the test in order to get his permit.
It's starting!

[bonus feature:]

I never took driver's ed.

During my junior year in high school I practiced driving our VW diesel stick shift van on the farmers' roads in Germany (West Germany at the time).
The driving age in Germany was 18 yrs old, 
and I would be turning 18 at the beginning of my senior year of high school.
So the plan was for me to get my American driver's license during the summer before my senior year, 
when we were in America.

As soon as we arrived in the U.S., I got my learner's permit from the state of New York, 
where we had lived before we went to Germany and still had residency.
Then we traveled to the Midwest and spent the summer there. 
Me driving, the whole summer, the widest and longest white station wagon that was ever made.

At the end of the summer, days before we were to leave for Germany, 
we went to the New York DMV to get my driver's license.
When we got to the front of the long, tired line, 
the lady asked about my driver's ed class certificate.

And that caught us off guard. 
Driver's ed had not been part of the plan.

Well, we were leaving for Germany soon, before I could take a class.
My dad explained this to her, and she was like, "rules are rules."
My dad asked to talk to her manager, then her manager's manager.
Surely someone could understand our predicament and bend the rules.

Finally my dad was talking to the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles for the state of New York.
And he agreed that if I could pass a road test, he would waive the class requirement.
Except that there were no openings for road tests before we left for Germany.
So my dad asked him if he - the head guy - would give me my road test.
And he did.

I passed.

And the rest is history.
(And fodder for many jokes about my driving.)

[end bonus feature]

I love backyard fires and spontaneously planned cookouts and sleep overs.

Sarah and her friends are looking forward to their s'mores.

Sitting at the fire in the back yard, I looked up at the house, and saw the sky.
The scene caught my imagination.

Fourth of July breakfast fruit.
This was about as festive as I got this year.

We had a pretty mellow Fourth.
Slept in, relaxed, went to the pool.

Two times in two days.
I'm setting records.

How was your week?

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laura bell said...

yeah for fitting both cars in the garage. We don't! and I love your story about getting your driver's license!

Jessica said...

John with all his sweet, and cute, and sad! I mean, look at that big plastic bat he used when he was a tot. Don't you miss it? I wonder if we've even kept all of Max's bats. I'd love to get a shot of that - cool idea.
Hilarious about the armoire in the boat. Boat, trailer, what's the diff? ;)
Not that I don't like spinach artichoke dip (because you certainly wouldn't have to twist my arm to eat it), but I've always preferred to have them separate. Or is that just the (formerly) picky eater liking to have foods separated on her plate? However you look at it, reading this makes me want to try it out!
Great story about skipping driver's ed. I can only imagine how many jokes you've had to endure because of it!

Danavee said...

That boat trailer is THE BEST! I love it. Creative!

That wedding looked to be absolutely beautiful!!!!

Traci Little said...

i love your little spot you found at the reception! great pictures

Stopping by from Insta-Friday. My first link up and I love it! I think I just may be back every week!

Love, Traci Michele

Amy said...

I'm so glad I finally got on Instagram—I adore seeing your pics as they roll. This summation is good too, still:) We were cleaning out our garage last week so there's a spot for a newer vehicle for David and the ancient one is still there for my girl driver. It feels so good to get rid of stuff we no longer need!

Amanda said...

You guys had an awesome week!!! I have to say, that I LOVED all those pictures from the wedding in my IG feed!! That was such a beautiful wedding, like something from Pinterest!! :) I love the backyard fire/s'more pictures, that is one of my most favorite things...the best way to spend an evening! And your driving story is The. Best. Ever!!!! :) I loved it! And I totally have pool envy right now ;) I hope you and your family have another great week!! Have a wonderful day my friend :)

Anne Bickle said...

I'm so glad you got on Instagram too! Now, if only I can persuade you to join in on the weekly recap fun. ;)

Anne Bickle said...

O good. So glad to hear you didn't mind all the photos. It was a very Pinterest-worthy wedding. // I appreciate your kind comments each week. It means so much to me that you take the time to read my posts and comment. Have a great week! xo, ab

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks for stopping by! InstaFriday is a great link up. Glad you joined! I hope you do come back every week! :)

Anne Bickle said...

I know, right? // It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help taking lotsa pics. Have a great week!

Anne Bickle said...

Next time you're in Rochester, we'll have to go to the Tap House so you can try the dip, see if it passes the (formerly) picky eater test. :) // I wish we still had John's little red bat from when he was just a toddler. The thing was as wide as it was long. // Have a great week! xoxo

Anne Bickle said...

Fitting both cars in the garage is more important during the winter months around here. Otherwise, it might be a nice storage room. Have a great week! xo

Dawn said...

your summer looks gorgeous so far... I love the family photo (I am now the SHORTEST I my family with both kids towering over me!) and the wedding is beautiful... and I am thinking why have I not been following you on instagram?!?!?! gotta fix that :)

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks Dawn, see you on Instagram! :)


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