my week in review: 7/12-18//2013

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 Somebody passed his driver's permit test!!!!
( this is what riding in the back seat of the van feels like...)

Friday after baseball practice I got a call from JD telling me to come outside to the driveway.
I expected to see John driving the van since I knew by then that he'd passed his test,
but I didn't expect to get to go for a ride with him.
"Hop in!" JD called from the shotgun seat.
We went for a little drive around the neighborhood.
John's first time driving farther than the length of our driveway.
It was momentous.
"I passed my first car!" John said as a car passed us going the other way.
This is going to be fun!

I got some Happy Mail this week.

It made me happy to contribute to my friend's fundraising for her Compassion Trip.
It will make some mommy happy to have such a cute baby blanket / washcloth set.

If you live near Patterson, CA, like fresh jam, and want to help a girl out, she's got that too.

We got a new TV.
I took this picture while I was setting it up, trying to figure out this new fangled thing.
Our other TV, which we'd had for 13 years, just up and stopped working.
So I brought up the 19" TV from the basement, an even older TV that didn't even have RCA jacks to plug the cable box into.
"You mean you have to change the channels on the TV itself?" one of my kids asked then said,
"it's like the Olden Days."
I can't say we were too disappointed to have to replace our TV with a new one.

FCA Rochester Youth Sports Camp happened this week.
There is my mom and sister helping check in my two campers.
My oldest is officially too old for the youth camp. Now he's a huddle leader.

Monday was registration. 
Which meant that Saturday and Sunday I spent helping JD with prep for camp.

Monday was also the FCA golf tournament,
which meant that Saturday and Sunday I spent helping JD with last minute signs for the tourney.

Can I just say that I'm glad that this week is finally here? 
And now over?!

My happy campers +1.
They were hot and sweaty when I picked them up, but they were smiling.

[bonus feature:]

The night before camp, Kaitlin and I went shopping for their lunches to bring to camp.
I was thinking along the lines of bread and sandwich meat, but she insisted on Lunchables.
I do not like Lunchables. 
At all. I could make the same thing for way cheaper. And healthier prolly.
Except ...
I did give in to their desire for Lunchables several years ago during the week of FCA camp ...
I think I was feeling a little bit guilty about how much our kids had to sacrifice with their parents running the camp.
And after that first year, it became a tradition. I guess.

Somehow I thought that this year, with Kaitlin being, you know, older, that she wouldn't want Lunchables.
But she did.
As I watched her picking out their Lunchable lunches, it made me think of 2007, when we had our first camp in Rochester.

They were so much littler then. 
Then Sarah was too young for camp, now John is too old.
Time goes by fast. 
And yet, some things, like wanting Lunchables at FCA camp, stay the same.

[end bonus feature]

#raphotoaday day 15: end of the day 
// watching Kung Fu Panday with Sarah //

I laugh every single time.
Favorite line: "There is no charge for awesomeness. Or attractiveness."

Picking up John from football camp I admired the sunset as I waited for them to finish.
Football camp means fall is right around the corner.

John had football camp every night this week, so he wasn't going to make it to baseball practice on Tuesday.

Bummer because it was pretty hot on Tuesday, so the coaches decided that baseball practice was out, 
a pool party was in.
Kaitlin found a ride to the pool party (lol), 
so after I picked John up from football, we went to get Kaitlin.
The boys were still in the pool so John jumped in with his shorts.
Good times.

Thursday was the last day of FCA Youth Camp.
JD is giving props to all the huddle leaders, coaches and volunteers who helped out.
There were 202 campers this year.
It's a great camp with a lot of great helpers.

[bonus feature:]

There were 47 campers in 2007. 
There's Sarah in the front row, and Kaitlin next to her on her huddle leader's lap.
John's up on the top row underneath the "s" in "Athletes."
They were listening to one of the University of Minnesota baseball players share about his faith.

[end bonus feature]

Thursday I arrived at work and this is what I saw.
I do not like seeing this.
Two residents were taken away by ambulance before noon.
Another one later in the day.

Thursday night was Sarah's last softball game of the season.
She led off the game with a nice hit to third.
After the game the team had a grill out party and the coach gave out awards.
Sarah got the Power Hitter Award.
Woot! Woot!

That was my week. How was yours?

I'm linking up with Jeannett for InstaFriday. It's fun to do.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I love the little pictures of your babies! They're so sweet.
I really like that Sarah's coach gave out awards for the season (power hitting = awesome!). I was just trying to talk my hubby coach into doing these awards for Max's team yesterday. Nope. Bah humbug.

Danavee said...

Is there a brake in the backseat of the van???? HA! I still brake when the mister is driving!!!

laura bell said...

As I'm reading your post today, I kept thinking I was reading last week's in error. It all seemed so familiar! Well, duh, that's because I follow on Instagram. Don't you love those bubbles in the brain moments! It looks like you've had an amazing week. And you survived riding in the backseat with your son. Way to go! For both of you!

Anne Bickle said...

Well, in fairness, Sarah had a female coach. And it was a girl's team. I think females are more inclined to do something like that. She even made them all bracelets! // Looking through all the pictures of my babies makes me sad that I didn't have a blog or do InstaFriday back then. I need to come up with a link-up for all the old photos... or, just keep sneaking them into InstaFriday... (Do you think Jeannett even notices? lol.)

Anne Bickle said...

Amazingly I didn't feel like I needed to apply the brake. I need to invent a pedal that smooths the transition from gas to brake. I might get whiplash. Of course, I give them whiplash sometimes, so he isn't doing anything I haven't taught them.

Anne Bickle said...

I know, I am the same way sometimes with reading the posts of the people I follow. I try to keep some camera phone pictures new for the blog post. And tell more of the stories on the blog to make the post more interesting for my Insta followers. :)

Amanda said...

Hi my beautiful friend!! :) What a crazy fun week!!! I bet you were a little glad when all of that was over! But I LOVED all the history you shared!!! The old camp pictures with the new ones and the lunchables bonus was great ;) It just goes to show how quickly our babies grow...I can't believe you have one driving!!! That's exciting and scary...we're just busy losing all of our baby teeth and trying to get the other girlie potty trained right now ;) Your pictures from the ball fields are always so good!! And I hope your residents are all ok!! ~ Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you around Instagram ;) xoxo

lauren said...

What a fun week!! I'm ecstatic to start realizing that football season is right around the corner! YAY!

Oma said...

It was fun to help with registration for both the FCA youth camp registration and the golf event. The kids were so eager and so were the golfers! JD and James have done a great job in expanding the youth camp from 47 to over 200! And organizing a quality golf event.

Anne Bickle said...

I know, me too! I love the fall and football. Thanks for stopping by! xo

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, friend. I always appreciate your sweet comments. See you and your chicks and chickas on IG! xoxo

Anne Bickle said...

Yep! I'm pretty proud of him. :)

Amy said...

oh, they do grow fast! So good to capture it this way, though. Helps appreciate it in still moments I guess while it all keeps moving. So great the way the camp has grown up as your kids have!


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