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Friday Sarah came to work with me and we had lunch on the back patio.

The rest of the family was in La Crosse, Wisconsin for John's last tournament of the season.
Saturday we all went and cheered him on.

They made it to bracket play on Sunday, where they got to play in a nice stadium.
It was raining on and off, so it was nice to have a grandstand to sit under and keep fairly dry.

They won their first game in extra innings, making it to the tournament championship game!

In the bottom of the first inning of the championship game it started to downpour.
When it let up we were told that we had to move the game across town,
 to the field we were at the day before.

That was kind of crazy.

John did a good job pitching, didn't allow a run in the two innings he pitched.

Heading over the Mississippi River back to Minnesota after a long weekend of baseball.

One last team meal at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rochester, with a 2nd place trophy as a centerpiece.

The season is now over.
Rochester Youth Baseball is now a memory for us.

[bonus feature:]

2008 - John's first season in RYBA

[end bonus feature]

On Tuesday we drove to northern Wisconsin to meet up with my brother and his family.

As soon as we got there, the cousins split up into pairs:
The big girls, the little girls and the boys.
(But the parents were told not to call the little girls "the little girls" anymore.)

When we got there, the men started making a fire so we could roast brats and hot dogs for dinner.

After dinner the cousins played some boys vs. girls volleyball.
The winners got to bury the losers in the sand.

Wednesday morning we did a couple rounds of our fantasy football league draft while having coffee in the parking lot.
We stayed at a motel near HoneyRock Camp, which is a part of our alma mater, Wheaton College.
The camp was in session, so we couldn't stay there, but this motel was perfect for us.

After lunch we drove to HoneyRock and went canoeing.

Those skies worried me a little bit, but their bark was worse than their bite.

At one point, we hooked up canoes like a party boat.
We went quite a ways like that before we split up again.

At the portage by the dam we watched as a boat was lifted to the other side.

For 3/4 of the trip I was in the front of the canoe, but the last part of the trip I decided that I wanted to be in the back and steer.
If I kept my paddle in the water like a rudder and steered, I was fine.
But when I started paddling, I couldn't get back in my rudder groove in time to avoid a quick right turn into the river bank.
On one such trip into the river bank JD spotted a skull and was determined to retrieve it to show the kids.
Much laughter ensued during the retrieval process.

We left it on an upside down canoe for the campers to find.

I found this sign after we were done with our canoe trip.
It would have been helpful to have seen before we zig zagged along the river.

We introduced my parents and siblings to New Glarus.
You can only buy it in Wisconsin.

All day Wednesday the little girls Sarah and Maili were preparing a skit for us.
We decided to make it into a talent show where everyone had to participate, no exceptions.

The little girls Sarah and Maili peformed a magic show and were the emcees.

Opa did a very funny reading.

Oma performed a variety of laughs, a routine that usually Opa does.

JD and I did this.

Grant and Jen and Josh did a song and stomp dance.

Bethany was a little tea pot.

John and Josh did a routine called "Old Man and Young Boy Watch TV" which looked a lot like when Opa and John watch TV and Opa wants to watch Fox News instead of ESPN.

The big girls Sophie and Kaitlin performed synchronized pistachio eating.

Then Grant and Jen did this.

Then we did French Charades, which was part of the little girls' Sarah and Maili's show.

Then the guy from the next room asked us to be quiet.

We are a rowdy bunch.

Before we left on Thursday, we got a picture of our whole rowdy bunch in front of the motel sign.

Then we went to HoneyRock for Family Day, which is when the families can come and be with the campers and participate in all the camp's activities.
We didn't have a camper, but we participated in the activities.

JD, Bethany and I took the older cousins to the zip line.

Josh and Bethany are getting their gear on.

Kaitlin and I are ready to zip.

"Zip line clear?" / "Zip line clear!" / "Anne zipping!" / "Zip on Anne!"

OMG that was so fun! Way too short.

The zippers.

And then it was time to drive back home.
While I drove, JD took photos with my phone.
Lots of photos. Of everything.
I think he was trying to channel his inner photographer after reading the post I wrote this week about when photos are more than just photos.
Or making fun of my taking pictures of everything while he drives.
I choose to believe he was getting in touch with his inner Sprocket and treasuring my treasure.

I found out where JD goes when he escapes.
We passed it on the way home and I had to get a picture.

Speaking of escape... after a long day of being in the kennel during the car ride, as soon as we got home
Reggie escaped.
Just what we wanted to do at 11:30 at night, drive the neighborhood looking for him.
Good thing his escape route is pretty predictable.

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Opa said...

It was a joy to be part of your week, Annie!

Lucy said...

What a fun week! What in the world are roasted brats???I'm guessing sausage.

Anne Bickle said...

It was fun! Do you not call them brats in Canada? Yes, they are pretty much sausages.

Jessica said...

That looks like such an amazing time with your brother and his family! I wish my brother and I were that close. I suppose it would help to have kids similar ages. You're all brave to zip line. We've got a bunch of chickens in our family! Enjoy your weekend!

Amanda said...

What an awesome week!!! YAY on the trophy, they came so far!!! :) I loved seeing all of your outdoor adventure pictures this week!! Before I had my girls, I worked for our local outdoor recreation department and took people canoeing, kayaking, was so much fun!! Your canoeing pictures made me miss it, a lot!! I've never zip lined looks so fun, but I have no idea if I could handle that! I think it's wonderful how your families got together and had such a great week. The talent show looked like a blast :) I always enjoy your pictures!! Have a great week my friend, see you around IG! :) xoxo


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