my week in review: 7/5-11//2013

// sharing the photos // telling the stories //

Sarah and I made some strawberry yogurt popsicles.
Earlier I had seen this recipe posted on Laura Bell's blog and I had to try it.
The verdict: good, but next time I make them, I'll add more strawberries, less yogurt.
I love the honey flavored Greek yogurt, but my kids don't so much.

Sarah and I went to the pool again on Saturday.
Since I sit in an office Monday through Friday, any weekend day that is sunny and hot needs to be spent at the pool. In my opinion.

"Hey, honey," I turned to JD and asked, "do you want to go on a drive to find some pictures with me?"

"Where should we go?" he asked.
"West," I said. "Along the farmers' roads towards the sunset."

We ended up in the historic town of Mantorville
I'd never been there before, but look at these buildings and signs! I had to get out and take a picture.

A while ago I said that I would make a piece of art from a prayer that someone wrote as a collaboration between a writer's group and an artist's group for in(courage).

I put it off because I am a procrastinator.
Then I put it off because I had too many ideas from all the images in the prayer.
Then I put it off because I felt inadequate. 
But I finally did it on Sunday night.
I appreciated the encouragement I got over IG.

This is the prayer that it accompanies:

Help me God, to listen, to learn to be still; 
quiet my mind and body and just "be", 
in your holy presence, humbled and waiting for your words. 
My Father's words communicating Your heart, 
Lord Jesus, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 
I am a vessel -jar of clay- to be filled with Your Spirit, 
overflowing with living water, 
flowing through me to others. 
Make me a writing instrument in Your hand.
- by Linda Cox

Sarah pulled out her paints and painted too.
I love being artistic with my kids.
Right now Sarah is the only one who really still does art with me, 
though John and Kaitlin are also very good artists.

I accidentally bought a flat of strawberries this week.
It was a busy week, not a good time to have to put up strawberries.

"How did you accidentally buy a flat of strawberries?!" 
I know you want to know.

Here's the story:

There is a lady at the place I work who each year arranges with some strawberry pickers she knows to have strawberries delivered for the residents who want to buy fresh strawberries but can't pick them.
I bought a flat last year and made freezer jam.
I told her before I left for the 4th of July long weekend that I might be interested in getting strawberries again this year... we'll see.

Over the long weekend, she got in touch with the pickers who would be going that day.
Things were pretty picked over, so this was the last chance to get any strawberries.
But my resident couldn't get a hold of me to see if I wanted them after all
(because I don't give them my personal numbers)
so she went ahead and ordered an entire flat for me.

And THAT is how I accidentally bought a flat of strawberries.

Late night strawberry prep.
I froze them all. It's all I could do this busy week.

JD and I met for lunch one day this week and I had to take a picture of this for Jessica
who gets a kick out of my folded wrappers ever since I wrote this post.

While we were talking outside of Subway as we said good bye, I looked up.
So pretty!
It pays to look up.

On Tuesday I got an email saying that the company I work for was providing us complimentary tickets to an event they were sponsoring, 
a wine tasting and Americana Showcase concert to benefit the Boys and Girls Club in Rochester.
Very fun last minute date night!

We left the concert at intermission to hangout on the rooftop of the Tap House and meet some friends of a friend. They just moved to Rochester from Portland, and Jane wanted them to meet her Rochester peeps.
(this was the best picture I got... it was dark...)

It was like a weekend date on a weekday. 
Not good for work the next morning.

#raphotoaday day 11: season 
// baseball and softball season is sunflower seed season //
Except I don't like sunflower seeds. 
I don't like spitting.

I was watching Sarah's Thursday night softball game when John sits down in my chair with me.
We were sharing the chair.
I didn't want to make a big deal about it.... because he's not a snuggly boy or anything... he's 15, you know, way past that... but I think... technically...  he and I were snuggling while watching Sarah's game.
I'm just saying. 
Makes a mommy happy.

If your kid comes into the room with hair like this, you need to take a picture.
And when you pull out your phone to take a picture and your kid gives you lips like that, 
you need to post it to Instagram and put it on your blog.
He's imitating all the duck faces he sees on IG.
It's like he took duck face to a whole 'nother level, I think. 

Here are some photos of Kaitlin she left on my camera roll.
She takes selfies to a whole 'nother level.

 Thursday night she comes to me and says,
"Mom, let's do something.... so I can be on your week in review."
Because she told me once that she wasn't on my WIR very much and I felt bad about that. 
But she's also my most social kid, always off doing something with her friends, so she's not around when I take my camera out.
Then she says, with a big smile and laughing eyes, "how about we go to DQ?!"
She knows how to work it.
We didn't do DQ, but she's still in my WIR. 
I know how to work it too.

How was your week?

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lauren said...

These pictures look so fun! Good for you for at least freezing the strawberries! I'd love to "accidentally" buy a flat! :]

Amy said...

Love the behind the scenes stories. And, love the "Along farmers' roads towards the sunset." Wisely chosen:)

Oma said...

I love the sunset country road trip photos! I'll have to do that with Dad sometime---not too hard to get into the country, right? Also, enjoyed John's Hair Day photo! Lest I forget, Sarah and Kaitlin had cute pictures as always. But where was JD? Reggie? Buddy?
; )

Traci Little said...

Beautiful pictures! I love begging my hubby to go for drives to take pictures! The strawberry Popsicles look good! Thanks!

Beth said...

Stopping through Insta-Friday. Your pictures are amazing and love all you share about each one. This is such a wonderful way to get to know others better in this blogging world. I keep realizing how much I miss little ones in my home and one may get tired of photos of me and my man, but it's still fun to share. I do love how doing this helps us to capture those every day moments...something I need to be better with. Nice to meet you! A friend and I started a blog hop...would love to have you link up.
Much love,

Jessica said...

Finally, I hear the story about the strawberries! That's fun, but yeah, I can imagine the stress of it if there's no time to do much with them right away.
You are so lucky JD agreed to go with you for a drive just for pictures! I think I could get my hubs to go along for a ride, but the picture thing might make him say what he usually does about me and my camera, "fun sucker!"
I dig the wrapper folding. Thanks for thinking of me :)
My mom will make comments every now and then about me not posting about a certain child or two also. Hey, sometimes it just goes that way. But I'm glad you got all of yours in this week. They're such great kids!!
Oh, and I don't like spitting seeds either!

Anne Bickle said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for stopping by my blog. Haha, I know, right? I'm definitely glad for the flat. Thank goodness for freezers. Have a great week!

Anne Bickle said...

Now that you are on Instagram, when are we going to see your InstaFriday posts? lol. Have a great week! xo

Anne Bickle said...

JD was right next to me!

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks for stopping by Traci. Have a great week!

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks Beth. I do enjoy capturing every day moments and telling their stories here each week. Thanks for the invite to your blog hop. :) I did link this post up with that one too.

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks for your understanding regarding the strawberry stress. :D I was so happy that JD agreed to go looking for pictures. It was tons of fun. You guys should do it for sure. Have a great week! xoxo

Danavee said...

Too bad I can't help you with those strawberries! LOVE your and the little lady's artwork too!

laura bell said...

Thanks for sharing my link with your popsicle photo! It's so exciting to get mentioned in another blog! And what are the plans for the strawberries? Just pull them out of the freezer for smoothies?

Anne Bickle said...

Well, thank YOU for the idea with your post! Yes, I flash froze some for smoothies and drinks. I also will use some for freezer jam, which I love. I just haven't had the time to make it yet. And.... of course.... more strawberry popsicles. :)


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