my week in review: 7/26-8/1//2013

Sharing the pictures. Telling the stories.

With my brother and his family in town from New Hampshire for the first time in three years, the cousin fun continued this week.
The younger girls wanted me to put up the tent. They spent most of the day in there with the stuffed animals. I brought them a nice healthy snack: diet Pepsi and giant marshmallows.

The boy cousins bonded over Minecraft. It's pretty intense.

The other girls bonded over nail polish... and boys probably...

The elder sibling fun continued this week, too. 
We walked to Dunn Brothers for an afternoon wake me up.
Except one of us didn't quite wake up. 

On Saturday we went to the Winnes cousins' dairy farm. No, we don't get to buy direct. For some reason selling raw organic milk is a big no-no. Bummer. However, there are two organic cows named Kaitlin and Sarah who produce Organic Valley milk. That's pretty cool, eh? (My Canadian high school experience just showed up there.)

I had to get a picture of Aunt Jan's buns.

[bonus feature:]

For Winnes family get-togethers, Aunt Jan would usually bring buns.
She made the best buns.
And we all would say, "mmm, mmm, mmm! We sure do love Aunt Jan's buns!"
Actually now they are probably Rachel, Rebekah or Mercy's buns, but the name stuck.

[end bonus feature]

The extended family get-togethers continued with my mom's side of the family:
Those crazy Nelson relatives. My aunt decided on a Luau theme, complete with Hawaiian music and a fizzy lime drink that was served in margarita glasses. It was a very Nelson Luau. 

Hanging out with the family on the deck. I love Kaitlin and Sophie's expressions in this picture. Evidently they were laughing at George getting smacked in the face by a slice of lime. David, who is looking really relaxed there in the chair, explained to us the intricacies of how musicians make money in a digital download world. (Hint: it's not through digital downloads.)

Monday I had to go back to work. Boo!

[side note:]
I suspect that some of my residents have found my blog. 
When I got back to work they asked me how our canoeing trip on the river was... 
... I do not recall saying that we would be canoeing on a river before I left... 
... so... SHOUT OUT to my techie residents!

Tuesday was our 19th wedding anniversary! Nineteen years. I posted this photo (taken last fall) onto my Facebook timeline and got so many nice comments. Here's one that was really insightful:

Congratulations on 19 years, made up of many days and many choices to do the work and really love. So more congratulations on each of those choices really.  

Nineteen years of choices. Some good, some bad, but we are learning what it means to choose to love. I am more in love with this guy now than I was nineteen years ago. So glad I have him for my life partner.

JD gave this card to me for our anniversary. Look at those kids, they are having so much fun on that roller coaster ride! When we were having the DTR talk, I said something about not being sure if I wanted to ride the roller coaster of a relationship, but I was willing to ride the roller coaster with him. It's been quite a roller coaster ride! (I love roller coasters, by the way.)

Sarah sent me a text while I was at work telling me that she made a scavenger hunt for us, in honor of our anniversary. She had it all ready when I got home. She has such a sweet heart.

Mom and Dad sent us out for a Hibachi dinner with Grant, Jen and Bethany. "Sake, sake, sake, is fun for you," he sang as he squirted sake into our mouths.

Aren't we looking good after 19 years?!

 Wednesday evening we celebrated Grant's birthday with a German dinner at Oma's and Opa's.
Schnitzel, Rotkohl, Spaetzle, Yum. It was almost like being back in Germany. The girls did a great job setting the table. They looked up online for proper place settings. After dinner, after Grant opened his birthday presents, Oma told us that there was a White Elephant gift exchange. Except that she had provided all the white elephant gifts...
... which, we discovered, meant that she was unloading all her Northwest Airlines paraphernalia that she got while working there. Now that NWA is defunct, I think the stuff must be worth something for its historical value. No?

Sad to see my brother and his family go after a fun couple weeks. Glad for the time we had with them.

That was my week. How was yours?

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Jessica said...

Such an awesome time spent with your brother and family! What a treasure that must've been. And I love the whole roller coaster ride/choices - so true! Congrats on making it work and choosing to love! Sarah IS such a sweet girl! I love the scavenger hunt!

Anne Bickle said...

we need to get the girls pen-palling!

Mindy Whipple said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your friend's comment on Facebook - so true. We choose love. And it is worth it every single time.

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Mindy! It is.


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