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Friday night some friends came to Rochester and we had a double date. We hadn't seen them for a while so it was fun to reconnect. Always.

I love this fountain at the Peace Plaza downtown. Beautiful evening. Beautiful company.

On Saturday I thought I'd better do something with the zucchini I got from work. And I thought I'd better harvest the basil since it was starting to flower. So I posted this picture on Instagram saying something about making zucchini bread and pesto.

Many years ago when I made pesto, the pungent smell of the basil made me feel sick to my stomach and ever after that when I smelled pesto I associated it with wanting to heave. Which was really unfortunate because I liked pesto and I had made a LOT of it.

So I googled what to make with basil that was not pesto. I got some good ideas. I even wrote a post about it so that I could remember them for my next basil harvest. Then I made myself some basil simple syrup and a strawberry basil mojito. And... pesto.

[bonus feature:]

We lived in Germany not far from Basel, Switzerland. It was the biggest big city around, so we'd go there often. Frequently we would bring a packed lunch and eat it on the steps of the Rhine river.

Ever since I lived there, I have had to consciously think about how to pronounce the herb. When we first moved near Basel, I would pronounce the city like the herb. Now, even all these many years later, I want to pronounce the herb like the city.

basil [bey-zuhl]
Basel [bah-zuhl]

[end bonus feature]

Guess who timed her spontaneous visit to be right when the zucchini bread got out of the oven? My sister, that's who. She'd seen my IG post about the baked goods. She's smart.

She's funny too. Here she is photo bombing one of Kaitlin's selfies that was left on my phone. 

Epic zucchini bread FAIL. It was more of a zucchini crumble. But still, it tasted delicious! Who says zucchini bread has to be sliced to be eaten?

I'm making some homemade laundry soap! My motivation is to keep the laundry cost down. But I'm feeling pretty good about the ingredients, too. I might just have to write a post... because there just aren't enough posts about homemade laundry soap.

"Hello, Moon." JD and I went for an evening walk. The days are getting noticeably shorter already. Boo.

Often when I look at my camera roll, I see a bunch of photos that Kaitlin has taken. This one cracked me up. It almost looks like she's holding Sarah's cute little face. I love these two girlies. And their brother whose football scrimmage we were driving to while this photo was being taken.

Which reminds me. I coined a phrase that I will probably be using frequently this season: Football Fatigue.
As in, "Honey, I really want to know what a bubble pass is, but I have a serious case of football fatigue right now." It's a real condition.

Thursday night we made a run to Michaels for some colored paper. JD needed it for football. The coaches hold up different colors for each play to signal to the players on the field what to do. Going to Michaels is the kind of football that will never fatigue me.

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Krystina Montemurro said...

I LOVE that he's shopping for colored paper at Michael's for FOOTBALL! Love it! what a wonderful week again Anne! I have a big basil plant out on my kitchen deck and I will never tire of going out to pick some. the aroma is all happiness!!! xoxo

laura bell said...

We went to the local farmer's market last night and bought zucchini bread. It was sooo yummy, but it was $10 a loaf. Yikes! Was thinking I could try making it myself. Then I saw this post. Lol! Maybe that loaf was worth every penny! Have a great weekend!

laura @

Janet Butler said...

So how do you pronounce Basel the city? (I could probably Google that, couldn't I?) Also, I love Michael's! I couldn't work there because I'd find too many things to buy!

Opa said...

Thanks, Anne. You made me laugh again!

Anonymous said...

I've missed reading your week in pictures. Enjoyed it today. :-) -Kari Coppinger

Mindy Whipple said...

I enjoy the bonus features and please do a post on laundry soap because I am one of the few who has yet to jump on that wagon and I am ready. AND because yours is pink and I have only seen white : ) Sorry about the zucchini bread. I freeze shredded zucchini expressly for that purpose - so nice to have fresh loaves around Thanksgiving and Christmas or really anytime...


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