my week in review: 8/2-8//2013

Sharing the Instagram photos from the past week. 

Since I work a good deal up the highway towards the Twin Cities from Rochester, after work on Friday my family came and picked me up to go to a wedding in Stillwater/White Bear Lake. Which meant I had to get ready for the wedding at work.
I'm pretty sure the boiler room has never seen a flat iron before. It was the only place I could find a mirror next to an outlet.

The wedding was of a young couple that JD and I have gotten to know from church. I met with the bride on a regular basis until the wedding / job craziness started. She has a special place in my heart.

 My three kids, waiting for the wedding to begin.

The groom and his dad, waiting for the wedding to begin.

The beautiful bride and her dad, waiting for the flower girl to get down the aisle. I'm so glad I snapped it at just the right time to catch this look between the two of them.

Here comes the bride! I love that girl.

The bride and groom made and canned raspberry jam for wedding favors. The raspberries were from the bride's parent's patch in the back yard. #bestweddingfavorsever Talking with them afterwards, the groom said that the experience was very "sanctifying." Ha, ha. I bet!

Our pastor's daughter sat next to me. I kept her occupied for a little while with my phone camera while her mom got some food. She's such a cutie.

While at the wedding, I got a text from a photographer friend asking if I'd second shoot a wedding with her in October. I said I would, such a great opportunity. I'm so excited/nervous. I need to get reacquainted with my DSLR.

The next morning we had some Love Jam. It tasted delicious. We should have gotten one for each of us.

I have a lot of coffee mugs. My cupboard is literally stuffed with them. Each one has sentimental value. For instance, the Mac's cup is from a date with JD. The Waffle House mug is ... a mug from the Waffle House! The other cups shown here are from travels to San Diego, Washington D.C., Paris, and San Antonio, each with their own memories. So I don't really want to get rid of any of my cups and I don't need another coffee cup.

Except then I saw this:
Aaannd, because I have a thing for coffee and anything that holds coffee, I went to for the mug swap details. Sounds like fun to me! I signed up and I am in like Flynn. The swap happens around the 24th, so stay tuned for a post about my swap after that.

While my sister was in Las Vegas, we took care of her dog. Instead of going over to her house each day, we decided to just have a doggy-dog sleepover for three nights. After the first night of craziness, the dogs settled down. (Thank goodness!) JD and I joke around about how you can really tell that God has been at work in my life because I can actually stand dogs now. Just don't make me walk them.

My sister and I exchanged these texts while she was gone:
I can see why the kids prefer Snap Chat to regular messaging. It's fun to send meaningless pictures.

Speaking of meaningless pictures, here's a picture I sent Kaitlin after she sent me a picture of her and a friend at the mall. Sarah and I were watching a movie at the time, that's why it's dark. Sarah made me pay $1.00 to watch the movie. It was really 50 cents, but she made me pay for the stuffed dog who wanted to watch the movie with us.

She is trying to raise money to go to HoneyRock camp -- the camp where we canoed and zip-lined in Wisconsin. I'm glad to help her reach her goal. I have to say, she is quite a little entrepreneur. She made some cards, which I bought for 25 cents each. She also had another "bake sale" this week. Charged us 50 cents for each cupcake we ate. I like her thinking. I think we need to take this card sale / bake sale to the neighborhood.

This is where I blog. In the dining room on a broken laptop. Aw, yeah.

Believe it or not, it's been a quiet Instagram week for me. These pictures were all taken over the weekend & on Monday. I don't know if it's been un-adventful, un-inspiring or just un-Insta-worthy. Never-the-less, I managed to make this a long post. What I do.

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laura bell said...

We haven't been to a wedding in forever. Looks like you went to a beautiful one. And getting invited to help photograph one later this year? Cool. Have you done that before? And that broken laptop...not so bad. Can you imagine the horror if it broke down completely? I have nightmares of that happening!

Have a great weekend!

Laura @

Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe said...

What a beautiful bride! Love her dress. Those little jams are adorable! What a great idea for a wedding favor. I love when I see people doing unique and unexpected things at weddings. It makes them so special.


Amanda said...

Hi my friend!! :) I LOVE the flat iron in the boiler room. Perfection! And I just want you to know, that you take the best instagrammy wedding photos...and you always seem to go to the prettiest weddings :) I think it's awesome that you will be working with a photographer for a wedding!! How fun!! I need to get back to using my DSLR, too...I actually need lessons on how to use the thing in any mode other than automatic. I'm so used to carrying my cell phone everywhere and taking pictures, I never pull my "real" camera out of the closet! Your daughter has some business skills!! Her fundraising ideas are pretty fabulous :) ~ And, I signed up for the mug swap, too!!!! I am SO excited about that!! I read about it last year after the fact, so when I saw your Instagram post about it, I signed right up!! (Thank you!) ~ I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!!


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