my week in review: 8/9-15//2013

Sharing my Instagram photos from the last week.

Saturday morning I attended an event called "Panthers and Pearls" for football moms, sponsored by the Century football booster club. I thought I'd bring out my pearls for the event.

Being married to a football coach, having taken (and passed) a coaching football class in college, I thought that I kinda knew all I needed to know about the game. I was very impressed with the presentation. It was very informative. And I even learned some stuff!

[bonus feature:]

Yes, I took Coaching Football my senior year in college. I needed a PE credit and the Coaching Football class didn't have enough students registered for it. It was going to be cancelled if there weren't enough students. So the football players started recruiting people to take the class. My housemate, who was dating a football player in the class, convinced me to join her in taking the class. I decided that it was a good move on my part since JD and I were practically engaged. I figured that I should learn some football stuff so I could at least talk intelligently about the game that he coaches.

The thing is, I had been signed up for Self-Defense and had to drop that class to take Coaching Football. The Self-Defense instructor was not happy with my decision. She couldn't understand why on earth I would take Coaching Football instead of Self-Defense. Well, because the fate of that class was in my hands, that's why. And because it was fun. Not to mention an easy A. (Only because the players and coach helped us girls by making it easy for us. Coaching football is hard for non-football players!)

[end bonus feature]

Part of the presentation was made by a high school referee. I learned that at the high school level there are two different signals for what I always thought was the same thing.

When the offense starts too early, it's called a false start and this is the signal:

"False start. Offense."

But when the defense starts too early, it's called encroachment and this is the signal:

"Encroachment. Defense."
That knowledge should come in handy during the high school games.

For the last part of the morning, we went outside and went through the station drills that the players go through. Or, at least modified versions of them. In this photo my group is learning the running back drills. I was really impressed with the grandmas who got out there and ran the slant route, did the footwork drills and got in 3-point stances.

And I was also impressed with my husband, Coach Bickle, who taught us the quarterback position. I love seeing him teaching and coaching. He does such a good job. He taught us all about what happens in the huddle and what the play calls mean. Very interesting. And, I have to say, football players need to memorize lots of stuff and know in a split second what to do. There's a lot they need to know and process quickly! I'm impressed with my husband and son all over again.

I went to the mall with my girls. Kaitlin found this plaque and told me that I needed to take a picture of it.

I am still working on clearing my dresser. I get it cleared, then put the piles right back on top of it. Ugh. I found this on my dresser in the back of a notebook marked "John's Science Journal." It made me smile. And look at that drawing! He even drew the shadow. 

We had family game night. It's not too often anymore that we are all five together in the evening. We made sure we took some time to have a family night before football started on Monday.

Shopping for my Cuppa Kim Mug Swap 2013 is more stressful than I thought it would be. I've been snapping pictures of mugs while I'm out. My mug swap buddy said that she likes "vintage" "shabby chic" and "rustic." If I find something vintage and shabby chic, it's not rustic. Or if I find something that's vintage and rustic, it's not shabby chic. Or if it's all three, it's all white. And I just want to go with something not all white. I'm afraid I might get something that she might not like. As stressed out as I am about this (about a 3 on a scale of 1-10), I'm having a ton of fun shopping for her.

I thought I would make a little coffee cup sleeve to add to her little mug package.
So I went to Starbucks to get a pattern.

Since she likes vintage I thought I'd add a vintage button. I've had this little collection of buttons since we lived with JD's mom. Who knows how long those buttons were in her sewing room? They're definitely technically vintage.

I chose a big gold button because she said she likes gold. I like how it turned out. I'd bought this fabric many years ago to make some pillows that I never got around to making. I thought it would be perfect for her "shabby chic vintage" style.

Here's a picture of the back. I might have to make one for me!

I tried my hand at chalk art one evening this week. When I woke up the next morning and saw it there, it made me so happy! Yes, God, thank you for everything.

In our small group on Monday night we talked about how we should actually be thankful for the conflict that reveals what we're made of. It helps us know what to address. It's one of the ways God makes us more like Him.

My girls decorated the driveway with chalk art. It fills my heart when I see it.

God makes me strong. He is my protection and my safety. Why then do I tend to avoid Him when trials come? I should run to my Protector. Conviction.

Another bible passage that really spoke to me this week:

Thursday afternoon while I was at work I got a call from Sarah telling me that she had a surprise for me when I got home.

A tea picnic with my daughter and her doll. Such a sweet surprise. What a special time we had there in the backyard sipping tea with our pinky fingers raised. What a nice way to end my week in review.

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Jessica said...

Yes! I am stressed out about the mug thing too! Mostly because we were in SD vacationing this past week and I kept looking at souvenir mugs, but decided that would be too cheesy. Anyway, I also want to get something her style - but it's not my style, so I'm unsure!
And, you and all the football class taking? Amazing! I love it! I think it was very noble of you to drop a class to keep the coaching class going. Bravo! And look where you are now. Fun!

Gwendolyn T said...

That is so sweet of you to take a coaching class back in the day. I am sure it did help out with the communication, which is important in relationships. I still love the tea party. I look forward to those days with my daughter somewhere in the future. You cozy came out lovely and I am certain you will find a great mug!

Mindy Whipple said...

Living just outside a small, one stop light, town, high school football is is pretty high up on entertainment. When our daughter, a cheerleader, was a senior in high school the team won the state championship and I think almost the entire town was there to root them on. Such an exciting time. I love how God works everything together including your football class in college! Your cozy is so sweet and the sidewalk chalk is such fun. Happy weekend to you : )

Amanda said...

Hi my beautiful friend!!! :) I am SO behind this week!! I can't believe I didn't stop by sooner!! I always love your pictures and stories, all of them! I know absolutely nothing about football, I mean not a single thing. In college I would show up for half time to watch the band and then leave again ;) I was fascinated with your football stories and bonus feature!! I think your chalkboard art (and the driveway art) are awesome. And your adorable coffee mug sleeve?!?! I wish I had your skills!! I am so excited about the mug swap, but you're right, shopping for the mug was a bit more difficult than I thought because I wanted it to be just right ;) And your daughter is just precious (like always) I hope you're having another great week!! {Hugs}


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