new page: table of contents (I'm getting organized)

This blog is a place where I collect my story. I don't always collect it very neatly, so I made a table of contents page in an effort to make it a little more organized while I try to figure out my labels.

Most of my posts have been "my week in review" posts. And they are a great tool to collect our family's present story. In my other posts I've made an attempt to collect the other parts of my story and some of my thoughts that might be a little more vulnerable than my weekly reviews. Sometimes I lose these posts in the labels and titles. Hopefully this table of contents will help me be more organized. And maybe it will help any would-be readers to find content they're interested in reading.

Here's the table of contents as of today:
(I'll be adding future posts to the actual page and not this post.)

Autobiographical Posts

While all of my posts are attempts to get my story down, here are some links to some of the more autobiographical posts I've written:

My birth story (I was almost dead!).

My first childhood home (and memories I have of living in South Minneapolis).

The time I stuck up for Angela (and told the kids that they couldn't tell me what to do).

Part of the story of my experience as a missionary kid.

The time we almost had a date in a cemetery (and some thoughts about living like we're dying).

The day I found out that I really am a Third-Culture-Kid (and thoughts about belonging).

Our first Independence Day in Kansas City (we had a blast!).

Why I got my tattoo.

Marriage Posts

We fell in love. We crashed. We went to intense counselling. We were separated. We fell in love again.

Things I want to tell my girls (and my son) about weddings and marriage.

Things I learned in marriage counselling: anger is not bad.

Things I learned in marriage counselling: validation is important.

Parenting Posts

My mom's excellent advice on childbirth: "embrace the pain." (Also good advice for life, I suppose.)

A post about beauty and a letter to my daughters.

How I busted my kids' boredom: The Boredom Buster Box.

I missed the team photo.

As a young mom with young kids, I found out God gives me more than I can handle.

Parenting lessons I learned in marriage counselling: anger is not bad.

Parenting lessons I learned in marriage counselling: validation is important.

Depression Posts

This post about depression isn't depressing. My take on meds.

I'm depressed and that's valid. The first time I realized I was depressed.

'Thinking About' Posts

This blog is a place for me to put my thoughts, which admittedly are scattered. Sometimes, though, they are something I want to remember or share. "I was thinking about ___, which makes me think of ____, so I blogged about it." That's how I share many of my posts on Facebook. These are links to those posts:

I was thinking about entertaining, which made me think of Jesus' invitation to enjoy his presence.

I was thinking about my daughter's fear of policemen, which made me think of God's goodness.

I was thinking about childbirth, which made me think of the value of embracing pain.

I was thinking about sunglasses, which made me think of thankfulness.

I was thinking about working with senior citizens, which made me think about what it means to age gracefully.

I was thinking about my dog, which made me think about God. (And that helped me love my dog.)

I was thinking about Autumn, which made me think about the gospel.

I was thinking about the most disappointing Christmas gift I ever received, and that made me think about God's gifts.

I was thinking about language barriers while travelling, and that made me think about the Love Languages - and a very important thing that we misunderstood.

I was thinking about sharing our story, and it made me think about poop. And, more importantly, the importance of authenticity in intimacy.

I was thinking about getting my lip waxed, and it made me think about the gift of honesty.

I was thinking about someone who thinks they might be struggling with depression, and it made me think of my own struggle.

I was thinking about taking photos, and it made me think about how sometimes photos are more than just photos.

I was thinking about my beautiful girls, and it made me think about how I thought I looked like a middle-aged man when I was their age.

I was thinking about the fruit of the Spirit, and it made me think of Gatorade.

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