a complete stranger sent me this mug

Jenny was assigned me for the 2013 Cuppa Kim Mug Swap. She took the time to find out that I value creativity and she drew a mountain scene and inspiring message on the mug. A message that I need to remember: to have faith in the face of mountains.

She sent me some sunflower seeds too - because that's all the faith you need to move mountains, faith the size of a seed.

A journal to reflect on my faith journey = perfect.

And finally, she included a bag of whole bean coffee that is local to her, a nod to my collection of coffee mugs from various places we've visited.

How sweet is that?!

It's called a "mug swap" because you don't just get a mug, you give one too. Kim started it three years ago to celebrate her blogiversary. It took on a life of it's own with over 800 participants this year. It was my first mug swap, but it won't be my last.

I love giving things and I so enjoyed shopping for my assigned mug buddy. I was a little bit stressed about it though, to be honest, because I knew what she said she liked, but I wasn't sure what that was exactly. I knew I didn't want to get something white because she already had a set of white mugs. So I got what I got and I hoped for the best.

I added some other small items that a coffee drinker would appreciate. I saw that she had a Keurig, so I sent some K cups in the package. And I made a coffee sleeve for her. I was so happy when I saw her Instagram post come across my feed, showing me that it arrived all in one piece, along with her comment saying she loved it.

What a fun thing, to give/get care packages to/from complete strangers. And to shop for coffee mugs and get a coffee mug in the mail. Because if my cupboard is any indication, a girl can never have too many coffee mugs.

I'm already on the look out for mugs for next year...

Mug Swap!


Unknown said...

I had fun just reading about the fun you had! -Kari Coppinger

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love the mug you got :) so fun! I am also so in love with the mug swap - my first but not my last!!!

{cuppakim} said...

So perfect!! The faith theme you received is incredible. And I love the thought and consideration you put into what you sent!!,

Katie said...

Oh my goodness I love that mug!!! And how much thought she put into it :)

Jessica S. said...

That mug is so cute! And the you sent is the sweetest! It's my first mug swap too, and I loved it!

Lora said...

what wonderful mug swap packages! this was so much fun, wasn't it?!


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