my week in review: 9/13-19//2013

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Rubber band bracelets is all this girl has talked about lately. They're the new thing, I guess. We looked all over town for the colorful little rubber bands. We found them at Michael's, where she was finally able to buy herself a Rainbow Loom. She hasn't stopped making them since last Saturday.

While we were looking at Hobby Lobby for the Rainbow Loom (they didn't have it) I found myself some paper place mats on sale. I'm in love with them. 


Happy mail! Alexi, from Nicaragua, is doing great. He likes school, he's earning good grades and he's looking forward to going to camp. He asks that we would pray for his family, and he loves us very much.


On Saturday the ninth grade football team beat Winona's ninth grade team pretty soundly. One of the bad things about beating them by so much is that Coach Bickle calls running plays (which theoretically doesn't run up the score) and then the quarterback's mom (me) doesn't get to see her son throw passes for touchdowns.


Mom and I had a mother/daughter night on Saturday night. I love a place that lists the ABV so that you can get your money's worth. We had a nice talk, but then the contemplative writer sitting next to us left and a loud group came and mom and I had to start yelling at each other. I'm so over yelling to communicate any more.


It's been an exciting week for Bon Qui Qui Jr...
1. It's J time!
2. It's chrysalis time!
3. It's transformation time!

It's back to high school time! On Monday night the parents got to walk through their kids' schedules at the high school. Each teacher talked for 15 minutes then the bell rang and we had the same amount of time to get to class as our kids do. I learned a few things:
  1. I am really impressed with John's ability to stay on top of everything that he is asked to do, both in school and in football, and to get high grades on top of it.
  2. I really want to take Honors English from Mr. Olson. (I wrote down the books they'll be reading and am totally going to audit the course vicariously through John.)
  3. In many ways adult life is just a grown up version of high school. Except without the warning bell.

Is it me, or does anyone else feel #3 at times? Don't leave me hanging.


I found this quote on Tuesday morning while reading Daring Greatly. Brene Brown was talking about the importance of being vulnerable, but also being careful who you are vulnerable with; the importance of having boundaries. Without going into much detail, it is something I need to remember at work right now because some people are just never happy.

I think I need a weekend.

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Jessica said...

I was at Michael's a week ago and saw those bracelets and was like, "I wonder what these are all about?" THEN, the next day I was seeing them everywhere! I do believe Sarah's right, they're the new thing.
What a great thing for your family to get notes from your sponsored child. We so need to do that. I'm thankful for your posts that remind me to get going!
Hmm, grown up version of high school... Yeah, I see what you mean. If you mean always being rushed from one thing to the next without a warning bell (which results in some tardiness - oops). And not enough time to complete the thing you were just doing before having to move on to the next!

laura bell said...

Love that quote! I'm having the same problem at work, with pretty much everyone. Makes work no fun, for sure! And those bracelets are cool. Haven't heard of them yet, but I have a girl who would probably love them as much as yours....

laura @

Lucy said...

Yes, you do- happy weekend Anne. Your life seems busy in a lot of great ways. Isn't it fun when the kids get letters from their sponsored children? My son also got one from his this week.Hugs and love to you and your family.

Gwendolyn T said...

Are the paper placemats actually paper? Oh, and I am ready for Bon Qui Qui Jr to spread her wings!

Dawn said...

I have been seeing these bracelets! they look pretty fun :) we walked thru high school last night... I find myself exhausted just listening to what is expected, and I just can't fathom the amount of work... except that I miss my son, who is always in his room doing work, work, work {school, not cleaning!} but there were several teachers I was in awe of!


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