my week in review: 9/20-26//2013

Sometimes I post pictures on Instagram because of the beauty of the picture. 

Other times I post pictures on Instagram because of the story behind the picture. 

Like the story behind this one:
These pants of Sarah's were my favorite. I was so sad when they became too small for her. I was admiring them as I set them out for the garage sale. Such happy pants.

Kaitlin came into the garage, picked them up and said "I'm so glad you're getting rid of these."

"What? Why?" I asked. "They were my favorite. No one else had pants like those."

"Exactly," Kaitlin said.

That pretty much sums up my style philosophy. And it probably explains a lot.

[bonus feature:]

A while ago Kaitlin was looking through some photos of when she was younger.

"Mom, why did you let me dress like that?" she asked, horrified by her striped/flowery/plaid ensemble.

"Because you wanted to dress like that." (Duh.)

"Well, you shouldn't have let me dress like that, even if I wanted to."

"But you know what? I really believe that this confidence you have now is because you were confident in your choices then. If you felt good in that striped/flowery/plaid outfit, I wasn't going to take that confidence away from you by telling you it didn't match. Besides," I added, "you looked cute."

"Still!" she said emphatically and ended the conversation.

[end bonus feature]

That glider got me through three babies.

The garage sale was a success. We had it at my mom's. I pretty much told her that she was going to have the garage sale. I live on a cul-de-sac in the back part of a neighborhood that you don't go through unless you live there. But she lives on a main street, so it was busy all day even though we didn't advertise.

It was only my 2nd garage sale ever. I learned some things:
  • People are sometimes willing to pay more than what I would expect them to pay.
  • People will bargain even over ridiculously low prices.
  • People probably just went to the ATM and will pay with 20s, so have lots of 1s and 5s on hand.
  • It's handy to know someone who owns a clothing store who can lend you rolling racks for clothes.
  • There are a significant amount of men who shop garage sales.
  • Having a garage sale is a very American thing. The Chinese girl who lives with my parents was pretty amazed by the whole spectacle.
It's a lot of work. But that junk in my basement is money. We'll be having garage sales more often.

The problem with having a garage sale with my mom is that I saw a bunch of stuff she put out that I wanted.

I had to get a picture of this guy when he came to see us at the garage sale and told us that he'd just asked his friend to go to homecoming with him.

All along, with Homecoming coming up, he'd been saying that he wasn't going to ask anyone. So when he decided to, I asked him why he changed his mind. "I just thought it would be better to go together than neither of us having a date." What a nice guy.

I never did the Homecoming thing. When I was in 9th grade in the States, I wasn't really into participating in high school events. I don't think Homecoming was even an option for Freshmen at that time. Then, when I was in Germany at a missionary kid boarding school, we weren't allowed to dance and we certainly didn't have Homecoming or Prom. I am navigating these high school events along with my kids. It's kinda fun!

Saturday as soon as the garage sale was over, I booked it home and got ready to host book club. We read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. In the book, one of the characters had bottles that contained memories, so I decided to make some of my own memory bottles to decorate the table.

Black and white were the colors of the Night Circus, so I made those black and white paper place mats I got last week work triple-time as a table runner, snack basket and cup sleeve. I was happy with the results.

Sunday I went shopping with John for his Homecoming outfit. Evidently boys need to match the girl's dress. I snapped this photo for him to send his friend to get her "okay." We didn't know exactly the shade of blue of her dress, but John didn't care for the patterned ties with lots of different blues in them. She texted her blessing on it so we are good to go.

Monday at work I attended the funeral of one of my residents. I like all my residents, but a few I really love. Jeannette was one of those. I'm going to miss her walking by my office and saying "you still here? Time to go home" at any hour of the day.

Jeannette was my mom's best friend's mother-in-law. She would always tell me to tell my mom about the lutefisk dinners that her church held each year because she knew my mom loves lutefisk. Mom and I never did get to the lutefisk dinner, but we finally got to her old country church for her funeral. I'm glad I got to go to it with my mom.

Monday night we drove 45 minutes to the 9th grade football game in Owatonna.

John had two touchdown passes. We won.

Sarah has been on a baking kick lately. In this picture she and her friend are making some muffins.

She's really good at baking. Doesn't need any help except to put it in and take it out of the oven. Earlier this week she made some zucchini bread. After I put it in the oven, as we were cleaning up, I asked her if she put the egg in (because I didn't see any egg shells lying around). Her whole face fell. I quickly salvaged the situation by declaring it an experiment. We decided that it was going to be a baking experiment to see what the egg does in baking. Some recipes don't call for eggs and some do. It didn't rise quite as high, and wasn't quite as moist, but it still tasted very good. It was a baking experiment success!

One morning I woke up to this:

The work that goes on in the chrysalis is amazing to me. So important. So significant. So holy.

That green little cocoon that hangs there for days the same, as if nothing is going on, and then suddenly one morning it's black. Black like death. Except you look closer and you see orange and white and you realize it's alive. It's a wing! Very soon something emerges that looks entirely different than the creature that wrapped itself inside.

It was pretty epic.

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Mindy Whipple said...

Our garage sale was at my Mom's house too! Glad yours went well. We have had severa over the years and your #1-3 are definitely true for us as well. I love that in your full schedule you made time to honor one of your special residents. One of my best friend's has the same name and same spelling. She is pretty special too. And finally, your chrysalis - I am in awe each time you post pictures. God is so amazing and His creation is as well.

Laura Railing said...

Following from the linkup! These are all such a treasure. Isn't it funny how opinions can differ so much from parent to child?! I was like that with my own mom though. I didn't want to be whatever she wanted! I wanted to be myself. I love that you are encouraging her to be herself and be unique. She will thank you later for it! I wish I was sentimental with our rocking chair. it's currently in the garage and I don't know if it will come back. Just because the entire thing is covered in Sharpie thanks to our oldest and I don't have the patience to try to get it all out! ha! I'm finding with the boys' clothes though it is way too hard to let go of what I need to! Not everything but some things. I could go on and on commenting on pictures :) But will just say I love the chrysalis and butterfly. You are right. It is such a beautiful holy thing. Fragile, yet holy

Oma said...

Another great post. Loved that picture of John....was fun to be a part of his telling. Watching that caterpillar spin its cocoon was a wonder, and to watch the transformation must have been so thrilling; thanks for sharing the experience via the photos! And yea, 9 grade Century football team (what a great quarterback!).


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