my week in review: 9/6-12//2013

Sharing my camera phone photos. Telling the stories behind them. And bonus features. Every Friday. It's what I do. 

John got to suit up for the varsity game on Friday night. They have a couple freshmen suit up each game. He's third from the right in this photo. His job on the sidelines was to chart the plays.

The game was against our cross town rival, Mayo. We got beat. Bad. The game may have been ugly, but the view from the visitor's side was really pretty!

Saturday we were back at Mayo for the ninth grade game. John had a 65 yard run! For a touchdown!!! That was called back because of holding. Ugh! As far as I'm concerned it totally counts. Nothing hurt, though. We beat them solidly. That was nice after losing solidly the night before.

Oh, hello. I have a grocery bag on my head. And avocado in my hair. Because I was making guacamole after the game and I was like, "hey! I wonder what would happen if I put some avocado in my hair?" I'd read about it in one of those library books. Sometimes I'm impulsive like that. I don't know what exactly it did, if anything. Sarah put some on her face while I put some in my hair. It was a fun mother/daughter/avocado moment.

Kaitlin brought home her caterpillar (whose named Bon Qui Qui Jr.) this week for the 7th grade monarch butterfly project.

I am so very excited! I want to see the whole process of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Because the whole process is pretty amazing. And symbolic for me. (I got a tattoo of a monarch butterfly in 2011).

Every day I check Bon Qui Qui Jr. to see how it's (he's? she's?) grown. Eric Carle was not kidding! Caterpillars are very hungry! One night I told Kaitlin that BQQ needed a new leaf and she told me that the teacher had only given her two leaves. And I was all like, WHAT?! How is our hungry caterpillar supposed to live off of just two leaves?! Those are going to be some pretty short power point presentations!

So I sent out a quick plea to my friend over facebook:

Their house is pretty much a monarch butterfly refuge during the summer, with caterpillars and chrysalis in various containers throughout the living room. I knew they had milkweed in their yard and they came through for Bon Qui Qui Jr. Now (he? she?) can get back to eating.

And pooping! I had no idea caterpillars poop so much. 

Eric Carle never mentioned that.

Soccer started.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday = soccer.
Tuesday & Thursday = volleyball.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday = football.

Hello late-dinners-because-of-sports schedule. At first I was frustrated about that. But now I just go with it.

Kaitlin and I decided we needed a new profile pic for our shared Facebook page. The one time she smiles for the camera and I am making a duck face. Dang.

Speaking of profile pics, thanks for the nice comments on my new one.

[deleted scenes bonus feature:]

Here are some of the photos that I rejected and why.
Left: I'm thinking too much about not getting a double chin to remember to smile. Way too... not friendly.
Middle: I was trying to recapture the last profile picture, but I rejected it because I decided that I didn't want to recapture it after all. I wanted to do something similar, but different.
Right: Still covering my face, I felt like this was too hide-or-seek. Or too "I have a headache."

[end deleted scenes bonus feature]

Thursday during my lunch break I enjoyed this view of the cornfield, with the sound of crickets chirping in the background. So peaceful.

Not peaceful? The slums of Nairobi, Kenya, to name one place.

Thursday I posted this. Probably the most important post I've written. Did you read it? If you did, then you saw a big part of my heart. What I want to be more about. I was so glad for the opportunity to be a (small) part of it by writing a post for the (in)courage project to fund some needs of the ministry of Mercy House Kenya.

Alpine Veggie Soup = so easy, so yummy. It's soup weather. The beginning of the week was in the 90s, now we're in the 60's.

I love it.

I also love that it's the weekend because I had a really difficult week at work. TGIF!

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3 comments: said...

I want that soup recipe. It is still in the very hot 90s here in Texas. I love the new profile pic. I have a volleyball player now and I love it!

Anne Bickle said...

I'll post the recipe. Good idea!

Jessica said...

I wish that Max would have chosen football over hockey. I mean, hockey's fun, but nothing beats Friday night lights! That view was spectacular!
I love that Eric Carle has become an expert on caterpillars. Because of course.
I love your rejected photos! It's always fun to see the work that went in to it :)
Mercy House Kenya. Wow. Beautifully written post. So sad. And such a good cause. Thanks for bringing attention to this!
I adore soup weather xoxo


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