five minutes: laundry

Lisa-Jo's prompt this week is LAUNDRY. Write for five minutes. No editing. Hit publish. Link up to all the other people writing about laundry for five minutes. Visit the person who linked up right before you did and leave a comment. That's it. That's Five Minute Friday.

Okay? LAUNDRY... Ready. Set. Go!

Laundry. Dirty laundry. Clean laundry. Laundry waiting to be folded. Waiting to be brought upstairs. Waiting to be put away. Laundry on the floor, dirtied, waiting to be cleaned once more.

It's a chore I do not like. Not because it's difficult to do. But because it's never ending. Especially with kids in the house. Kids in sports.

Sometimes, when I load the washer with whites I think of the bible verse that says that God washes our sins whiter than snow. That amazes me. Especially when I look at my kids' dirty white socks. God takes the dirty parts of my life, the sin that entangles me, and He is able to get it cleaner than brand new. Whiter than snow.

I live in Minnesota. I know the beauty of freshly fallen snow. The purity of it. That metaphor speaks to me.

As I look at my family's endless laundry pile sitting in front of our TV waiting for someone to fold it, I think of God's endless love for me. Forgiving my dirty laundry, over and over again.

It makes doing laundry a little bit more bearable.


Five Minute Friday


Alyson McMahon said...

How can you not enjoy laundry? haha. I'm serious. ;) I actually LOVE doing laundry. There's something about doing a chore, being productive, yet also being able to catch up on a favorite show, read blogs, emails, etc that I love. And, I love the (almost) instant gratification. I'm weird, I know this. ha! Hope you have a great weekend, one not filled with laundry.

Anonymous said...

Your reference to God washing our sins white as snow and connecting it to laundry was perfect imagery. Thank you for your post.

Patricia Pitterle said...

Oh, I love this one. What a wonderful way to look at it!

Ruth Ayres said...

Lovely post. I'm always looking for a way to make laundry more bearable. I'll think of your story next time I load up the whites. Thank you.

E.B. Siewert said...

MINNESOTA! I love it! my hometown is in the boards of the great state, but alas i am no longer there. the beautiful snow that reminds us of things washed clean. even the sandy black dirt that gets pushed to the sides of the roads is no match for the beauty of the white field expanses that cover our great state.

thank you for sharing and for the reminder that God washes souls not shirts and that, that is the greatest laundry.


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