five minutes: ordinary

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Today's topic: ORDINARY


Sometimes I think that ordinary has gotten a bad rap. No one wants anything ordinary anymore, including me.

People all over Pinterest are ditching the ordinary for the extraordinary. Entertaining is not so simple any more. I'm embarrassed by my ordinary offerings to my guests when I look over the food boards.

But then, it strikes me that extraordinary is just extra ordinary.

Maybe ordinary isn't bad. Maybe the extra in extraordinary isn't taking decorations to the pinnable level, but the extra smile that the kid gets when they make (unpinnable) decorations themselves. Or, maybe it's the extra time you have to enjoy the company when you offer something simple.

There is extra in the ordinary.

I need to remember that.



Lani - the flowerlady said...

What an extraordinary thought!! I like it...I am mostly not pinnable...and my offerings are simple. Extra smiles...extra of the ordinary, yes, I like that!

Anne said...

Hi Anne! I really like your post. I want my decor especially to be pinnable but it's not. I know my offerings in the kitchen aren't. Maybe ordinary is what puts people more at ease anyway. I know it does me. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! Blessings.

Lisa said...

This is superb! I totally agree that ordinary has gotten a bad rap. I was feeling much the same when I wrote my FMF. Love your perspective...especially this..."maybe it's the extra time you have to enjoy the company when you offer something simple". What a novel thought. Thanks for your contribution.

Jessica said...

Yes! This is good.


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