my week in review: 10/4-10//2013

Monday night I made the 1-1/2 hour drive to Mankato to watch John's game. I don't usually go to the Mankato games, but both teams were 5-0, so it was a big game. And that's what moms do. The final score was 22-20. We lost a heartbreaker.

 I love this picture of my boys on the sideline.

Tuesday I met Andrea downtown to check out the venue for the wedding that I'm going to second shoot for her. I love this view.

I took over table decorations in the dining room. Because some people just don't get along and decorating somehow became an issue. It's middle school all over again.

While grocery shopping, Sarah entertained us by making words out of the twisties. I love that girl.

I'm so glad that John left his backpack in JD's car and I had to drive him across town early Thursday morning to pick it up. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen this gorgeous sunrise.

I haven't bought fabric in a long time. It feels good. I've been inspired by all the sewing bloggers out there. You'll have to wait until I'm done to see what it's going to be. (Hopefully you won't wait too long.)


For over a year I've been doing these weekly review posts each Friday. I'm considering switching to posting them on Saturdays because I'd like to continue to do the Five Minute Friday thing. Too many good linkys on one day. We'll see.

life rearranged


Anonymous said...

Love the fabric!

Anne said...

Hmmm. I'm curious too, about the fabric. I'm notorious for buying fabric or other craft supplies and letting them gather dust for months. :/

Jessica said...

That sideline picture is so sweet. Years from now you'll miss these days. Sigh...
Ha, I remember one of my first instagram posts of fabric. It was burlap for my bedroom curtains. It is still sitting in my closet a year and a half later! Oops!


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