my week in review: 9/27-10/3//2013

 Watching the Friday night varsity Homecoming football game with friends.

John suits up for every varsity game now. He's the holder for the extra point kicks and field goals.

Saturday I pretty much spent my day taxiing my children around town.

 Getting ready for Homecoming!

I had to sneak in a picture with him. My boy and me.

After dinner, I got to drive him and his date to the dance. (It was fun listening to their conversation. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything.)

I got a picture of my two favorite guys, the coach and the quarterback, after the Monday night 9th grade football game.

Kaitlin and Sarah photobombed the picture of us with John. It's better with them in it.

This right here. This is what I was talking about in my post last week. I had to get a picture of Sarah's outfit before she left for school. Furry boots with a sleeveless floral dress. The girl's got style!

The residents have a swap each month. I saw this on their swap table and I had to have it. It just makes me happy just looking at it. 

life rearranged


Gwendolyn T said...

Funny how all those boys wore black shirts, except your son. I love how he stands out from the crowd. Oh and one of yoir photo bombers totally looks like a ghost, hah.

Jessica said...

That shot of you and Kaitlin in the car is classic! It's good to document the mundane in our lives - we'll look back fondly years from now :) Speaking of mundane, I haven't seen your laundry hashtag in awhile!
So... John's date for homecoming...just a date, or girlfriend? How does that work? Does everyone feel they HAVE to have a date? I remember no one had dates for homecoming at my high school - just prom and jack-of-hearts (our version of sadie hawkins).
I love our sassy individual girls :) The wilder, the better!

Jessica said...

Ahem. Clarification on wild - the patterns and whatnot of the outfit. NOT the behavior of the girl or skimpiness of the outfit! ;) As if you needed that clarification from me.

Anne Bickle said...

Whew, glad you clarified! It did sound funny, but I totally got it. // John's date is a friend. Who he likes. But he says that "it's complicated." I'm not exactly sure what that means. Not everyone has to have a date, in fact most of the group he was with were stag. He just decided that it would be more fun for both him and his friend if they had a date. // That's one of the things that I love about Instagram, capturing the mundane every day stuff. And these Friday posts. // I hope you have a fantastic & wild weekend! ;) said...

I love Friday night games. We live right next to the football field. I love hearing the band and all the cheering.


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