my week in review:10/11-17

sharing my week's camera phone pictures and the stories behind them.

I saw this on my way out of a store on Friday afternoon. It cracked me up. I posted it on IG and on my Facebook page and I noticed a curious thing: none of Kaitlin's friends liked it. It occurred to me that they wouldn't even get it. So, if you get it, you're probably in my generation. If you don't get it, then let me introduce you to Nicole Richie's dad, Lionel, and his 1984 hit song, Hello.

"Take a picture of me, momma," she said as we watched a movie Friday night. 

"Okay, but now you need to take a picture of me." 

We hung out on Friday night, just the two of us. I skipped the varsity football game because, well, I was just footballed out. John's 9th grade game was at 9:00 AM the next morning, I just didn't want to go to a night game and then a morning game back to back, so I didn't. Besides, John never gets in the varsity games except to hold the ball for the kicker.

John got in the varsity game in the fourth quarter at quarterback. AHGH! Wouldn't you know it?! I told him he should thank me for not going to the game because if I had, he wouldn't've gotten in.

"I didn't know you weren't at the game," he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"I mean, I was at the game! Great game!" I said. "Way to... throw that ball... and... stuff."

JD's phone rang off the hook with text messages telling him John did a great job. Century lost the game, but John did well during his first varsity outing at quarterback. 

That's what I hear, anyways.

Saturday morning was the ninth grade game. It was a beautiful fall day. Perfect football weather. JD's brother and his wife came down from the Cities to watch the game. Then his sister and her husband came down to watch the game at it's original time, noon. We had fun visiting with them all over lunch.

Looking at all the sewing bloggers' posts, I got inspired to sew something other than a square. I found this sewing pattern for a small handbag. I like it because it's a little different with the one handle looping through the other one. Keeps things in that way. I had fun choosing the fabrics. When I saw that butterfly pattern, I knew I had to have it.

While I was in the fabric store I saw a little minky lovey blanket with ribbons sewn around the outside and I thought, "geeze, I wish I'd seen this when I was making loveys for my kids." Of course, back then I didn't know how much babies like to poke their fingers into holes and twirl. Which completely ruined the loveys that I knit for them.

I happen to know some people who are expecting and I just had to make some. Because I got the sewing bug now. (I'm counting on the fact that I'm pretty sure they don't read my bloggy-blog...)

Sunday night Kaitlin and I went grocery shopping. She does cartwheels all the time, everywhere. She did one in the grocery aisle and like a good mom I said, "Hey! Do that again. First let me get my camera." And then I was all, "okay, now do it again and I'll take a video!"

I'm happy to say we didn't get kicked out of Target. And we have a fun memory now. And video to boot.

Kaitlin turned 13 on Monday. She got breakfast in bed, as per tradition. Technically I have two teenagers now, but for all practical purposes Kaitlin has been a teenager since she was five.

We've shared my Facebook profile for the past couple years (since she wasn't 13 yet), so while we were sitting there eating our breakfast muffins on her bed, she set up her own Facebook account. She wasted no time.

She didn't want a birthday party this year with all the "drama." Instead we just went out to dinner and took one of her best friends. Love these girls.

This happened this week.
I discovered someone had some fun with my autotext.

One of my tenants saw this and picked it up for me. It's pretty perfect for work. We all need this reminder sometimes, even at age 73.

Speaking of work, my boss was running an hour late for a meeting and when he called to tell me, I said "okay... but I think you should bring me some chocolate to make up for it." And then I added, "or a specialty beverage" thinking of coffee. He laughed, but when he showed up, this is what he gave me. That'll do.

 Last 9th grade football game of the season. Last game that JD is John's head coach.

John got a concussion during the second quarter. His second concussion. (His first was in 7th grade youth football.) He got hit hard as he was passing the ball. He didn't realize that he had a concussion until a few plays later when the coaching staff noticed he was moving slowly and wasn't making very good decisions.

Now he has to "rest his brain" until he gets cleared by the doctor to play again. (Although the 9th grade season is over, the varsity's is not. The freshmen suit up for the playoffs. And possibly play.) We'll see.

Sarah gets bored during the games. To keep her entertained I let her do my hair. It's tricky trying to watch a game, get your hair done, and take a selfie all at the same time.

After the last game it's picture time. I love seeing kids ask Coach Bickle if they can get a picture with him. JD puts so much time and energy into coaching. Not just into the game, but into the kids.

After the game John wanted of picture of him and his linemen. Those linemen are so important, protecting him as he does his job. I pray they grow big and strong and fast.

Wow. That was a lotta pictures this week. Thanks for hanging with me until the end. xo

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Unknown said...

I just want to click "like" all the way through. Praying for your family. Thankful God saw to put you in my "community." -Kari Coppinger

Mindy Whipple said...

Hello? I definitely get it : ) I shop the aisles of our local Target often but have never done a cartwheel down there. Your blanket with the loops is such a great idea!

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I'm too young for Lionel Richie but I did get the reference thanks to those I Love the 80s shows on VH1 several years ago!

Alyson McMahon said...

Now, I have that song stuck in my head! So funny. I've seen those posters around (in LA, when we still lived in CA). Too funny.
Happy 13th birthday to your sweet daughter. Your kids are all so cute and sound so sweet, like good kids.
I love your family football pictures. It's like real life Friday Night Lights. Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Jan Winnes said...

Great photos. I'll need copies of a few of them. So what does the baby blanket look like when it's finished? Looks cute.

Jan Winnes said...

Great photos. I'll need copies of a few of them. So what does the baby blanket look like when it's finished? Looks cute.


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