my week in review: 11/22-29//2013

My week in review. I love these weekly posts. It's fun to look back on the week and memorialize the mundane as well as the monumental. There's a lot to be THANKFUL for.

Like this awesome piece of art. It's an original print from Kirstin Kallal Designs. You need to go check her out right now... it's okay, I'll still be here when you get back...

She has some amAYzing stuff, right? And you know what? She's a pretty worthy Words with Friends opponent, too.

[bonus feature:]

Kirstin and I got stuck on the wrong side of the mountain one time. Back when our families still lived in Europe,we were vacationing with several missionary families at a small ski village in Switzerland.


my week in review: 11/15-21//2013

Sharing my week's camera phone photos and the stories behind them.

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the project I've been working on. And then I wrote all about it in this other post, so I won't repeat myself here.

It was a baby shower gift for our friend from church, Leah, who we have gotten to know because she and her husband work with the youth group. She has a special place in Kaitlin's heart, and therefore my own heart. Friday night was her baby shower.

We walked into the shower and the first thing we saw was a uterus on the wall. Obviously I needed to get a photo. It was a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except we all pinned a sperm on the uterus. Then Leah, blindfolded, pinned her egg on the uterus. The covered sperm got the prize.


in which I reveal my latest project: a growth chart

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the project I've been working on... here it is... the big reveal....


... drumrolls aren't as suspenseful on blogs, are they? ...

It's a growth chart board like the one we have. It's for a friend's baby shower gift. 

Measuring Sarah on our board.


"My Vacation to Florda" by Sarah

When I found this assignment in the papers that Sarah (age 9) brought home from school, I was pretty much in awe of her writing ability and her imagination. I knew I wanted to preserve it here, with her own handwriting, punctuation and spelling.


my week in review: 11/8-14//2013

Every week, I share my week's camera phone photos and the stories behind them. Throwing in a bonus feature here or there. Because I love bonus features. And sometimes because, as is the case this week, I hardly took any photos.

[bonus feature about bonus features:]

The other night we were watching a very disappointing movie on Blu-ray. It could have been so good, but it fell far short of our expectations. At some point in the middle of the disappointing movie I said somewhat disgustedly, "I bet this movie doesn't have any bonus features!" Then I added, "even if it did have bonus features, I wouldn't want to watch them!" That's how truly bad it was.

After a minute I retracted my threat. Of course I'd watch the bonus features! What was I thinking?

[end bonus feature about bonus features]

John and I photo bombed Kaitlin as she was taking selfies in the mirror at the hotel room before our nephew's wedding on Saturday night. 


my week in review: 11/1-7//2013

Sharing my camera phone photos, telling their stories.

My sister and I hit up the new DSW store with my birthday gift certificate. It was a little stressful... so many shoes to choose from. Not that I'm complaining. Because I'm not. Because SHOES!


my week in review: 10/25-31//2013

Sharing my camera phone photos and my stories behind them. 

Last Friday was my birthday. I included a photo of my breakfast in bed at the end of my week in review. Now, here's the rest of my day... and week...

Kaitlin saw this while we were shopping together a while ago. She showed it to me, saying it was perfect for me. 


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