in which I reveal my latest project: a growth chart

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the project I've been working on... here it is... the big reveal....


... drumrolls aren't as suspenseful on blogs, are they? ...

It's a growth chart board like the one we have. It's for a friend's baby shower gift. 

Measuring Sarah on our board.
I bought mine at a Pottery Barn Outlet store that we lived dangerously close to when we were in Ohio. You can see the board here online, but I don't think you can purchase them anymore. (Does that make mine vintage?!)

Having moved so often, it's been great to have a portable and sturdy measuring chart. I love the look of it so much that I display it right there in our living room, part of my eclectic assortment of decorations that tell our story. 

It's fun to see their growth over the years. The kids even measured our pets and a couple of dolls. JD is taller than the board, but I'm on there at about 5'8-3/4". Of course the kids look forward to passing me up.

John's taking a photo of his first measurement that was taller than me.
I told Kaitlin that I was thinking of making a measuring board for Leah's baby shower, but then I decided to make a loopy ribbon lovey blanket instead. Except Kaitlin really, really wanted Leah to have a growth chart board like ours. It was obviously really important to Kaitlin. I figured, what the heck? I found a board, sanded and painted it and then Kaitlin helped me lacquer it. Not too hard. Except for the numbers... next time, stencils.

Kaitlin and Leah pose with the growth chart at the baby shower.

I learned a lot while making it, so I might just have to make more. One of the more important things that I learned is: I can do stuff!


Bethany said...

Like :)

Gwendolyn T said...

This is great! I want ome for mt kids so bad. We are making a play kitchen for them right now, and then a table, but I want to add one of these to the list.


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