my week in review: 10/25-31//2013

Sharing my camera phone photos and my stories behind them. 

Last Friday was my birthday. I included a photo of my breakfast in bed at the end of my week in review. Now, here's the rest of my day... and week...

Kaitlin saw this while we were shopping together a while ago. She showed it to me, saying it was perfect for me. 

Before taking the kids shopping for birthday presents, JD asked me to make a list of things I wanted. I asked for that case, because it's perfect for me. And my very favorite soap, which Sarah got for me. She did a great job picking out the scents. John gave me four pounds of Twizzlers. Because I asked for Twizzlers. And JD gave me a gift certificate to DSW. He is such a smart man.

I've been planning on getting my ears double pierced since I took Kaitlin to get her's double pierced. At the time I thought to myself, I've always liked double piercings, I should do that. So for my birthday, I did.

Mom came with me. It was like I was ten all over again, getting my ears pierced with my mom. So fun. Thanks, mom!

After lunch with mom and dad and JD, I picked up my friend Andrea to help her take pictures of a wedding:
They were the sweetest couple. Glad I got to spend my birthday helping them remember their big day. I pretty much did whatever Andrea needed me to do: carry stuff, get people, hide bra straps. 

I also took some detail shots and candids on my camera. But I didn't purchase my DSL with professional photography in mind, and I haven't really learned how to use it properly, so I was really afraid that my photos wouldn't turn out professional looking. Hopefully a couple turned out. 

It was a long day. It was fun to watch Andrea work her magic. She's pretty awesome at what she does. (She's the one who did our family photos.) We were there from 1:30 until 9:15 pm. Afterwards Andrea and I felt like we'd earned some smokin' martinis.

When we were done shooting the wedding, I saw this in my IG feed. Can a mom wish for a sweeter thing to be said by her daughter in a public place?! It was a beautiful gift from her.

I'm not sure what she means by me embarrassing her...?

Saturday we drove up to IKEA to meet with my cousins... and shop, of course! My mom convinced me that I ought to sign up to be a part of the IKEA family so I could get a free cup of coffee the two times I'm there each year. I mean, I always felt at home there; might as well make it official and be family.

Also, I think my new hair color matches the card.

Here we are, the cousins. And Linnie. Because she's one of us now. (Whether she likes it or not!)

[bonus feature:]

See in that picture how my lip is curled a little bit, like a snarl? This is a new thing that's been happening involuntarily. I'll be doing whatever and suddenly realize that I'm raising one side of my lip. 
I don't know for sure, but I think it has something to do with the Bells Palsy I had when I was in seventh grade. When I smiled, my lip kinda raised. After the Bells Palsy went away I was able to smile normal, but I found out that I could do a mean Billy Idol scowl, so I did it often. 
Because Eyes Without A Face. And White Wedding. And Rebel Yell. 
(I think I missed my calling as an 80s rocker groupie.)

So, that's my explanation. Either that or it could be that the old wive's tale is true: your face really will freeze that way if you make a face too often.

[end bonus feature]

While the cousins posed for our picture, the aunts tried to figure out the stupid smart phone cameras.

Sarah really liked this bedroom, and asked me to take a panoramic photo so that we can remember it. I'm including it on here because when I looked at it on my camera roll, Kaitlin's and Bethany's faces cracked me up.

Since my book club was getting together the day after my birthday for a very well timed social get together, I got to choose the place and time. When I found out that there'd be some live music that night at Sontes, it was a no brainer.

When my book club friends left I stayed because my mom and sister and Linnie came to enjoy some music and girl time.
Mom took a picture of us. I laughed when I saw this on my camera roll. She's so funny. #selfiesover60

Sunday I multitasked while watching football. I'm only interested in football because of my fantasy team this year. My pro team, the Vikings, are no fun to watch this season.

What the what?! I opened my cabinet and saw this sitting there. I thought they were extinct, but evidently they made a comeback. That was either the sweetest comeback in the history of ever OR the sweetest marketing ploy in the history of ever.

Wednesday Kaitlin called me at work and asked me to get her some cat ears at Party City on my way home. But Party City is on the other side of town and I didn't want to drive all the way there. Instead I went to three big box stores first only to finally concede a trip across town to Party City for cat ears. Because that's what moms do.

[bonus feature:]

I used to like Halloween. And then I was appalled by it. And then I had kids. And then I was confused. And then I saw some people doing something redeeming with Halloween. And then I saw some redeemed people being unneighborly on Halloween. And now I like Halloween again. I wrote all about it in this post if you are interested.

[end bonus feature]

On Thursday I came to work in costume. I dress up every year for my tenants. And for that little kid, Captain America. Every time he comes to visit his great grandma, he comes into my office to raid my candy bowl. His mom called to make sure that I would still be there when they came. Of course I had to get a photo with him. Such a cutie.

Considering some of the things going on at work, I thought this costume would be appropriate. Actually, I've always wanted to wear leggings like those, and it was a good excuse.

The residents told me that before I came in, they were all looking forward to seeing what I came dressed up as. I even got a round of applause when I walked into the dining room at lunch. It was fun to do that for them.

I went upstairs to show my 101 year old resident my costume. The other residents had told her about it, but she is not well enough to come downstairs. She's in her last days on earth; ready to go home. Right when I got up to her apartment, her minister was there. I waited in the hallway and listened to him forgive her sins and give her communion.

I felt a little odd when I passed him in the hallway in my costume.

As soon as I got home, I helped the girls get ready. The nice thing about having a teenage girl is that you have access to her make up. And you can do things like buy her glitter for your costume.

(This next photo ought not be supersized:)
I am going to be finding glitter on everything I own for the next two years. I cannot get the stuff off of me. I'm going to blame it on my daughter, but truth is, it was fun to be glittery for a day. (Just not two years.)

I'm fairly certain that I was more excited to get ready for the trick-or-treaters coming to my door than my kids were excited to go out and trick-or-treat.

That pumpkin was supposed to be a jack o'lantern but I didn't have time. Instead I got my IKEA lanterns and put them out. So much less messy. And the pumpkin is still good for Thanksgiving decor.

Yay! It's November! Birthdays and Halloween are over, and it's time to focus on Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving month.

life rearranged


Mindy Whipple said...

Looks like you had a great Birthday week! I love Twizzlers too : )

Jan Winnes said...

Another great week. I look forward to the great photos and the laughs!

Jan Winnes said...

Another great week. I look forward to the great photos and the laughs!

Jessica said...

I call marketing ploy.
You're right, going to get your ears pierced with your mom would totally make a girl feel 10 again!
Enjoy the ride is so perfect :) I hope your week is going well!


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