my week in review: 11/22-29//2013

My week in review. I love these weekly posts. It's fun to look back on the week and memorialize the mundane as well as the monumental. There's a lot to be THANKFUL for.

Like this awesome piece of art. It's an original print from Kirstin Kallal Designs. You need to go check her out right now... it's okay, I'll still be here when you get back...

She has some amAYzing stuff, right? And you know what? She's a pretty worthy Words with Friends opponent, too.

[bonus feature:]

Kirstin and I got stuck on the wrong side of the mountain one time. Back when our families still lived in Europe,we were vacationing with several missionary families at a small ski village in Switzerland.

Most days we skied the slopes of the town we stayed in, but one day we took the train to a slope near St. Moritz to ski some Olympic ski slopes. Kirstin and I skied the slopes together all day. By the end of the day, when the ski lifts closed, we were warming ourselves in a pub at the bottom of the wrong slope. There was no way to get back up the mountain to ski down to our families at the bottom of the other slope.

So, in full mismatched missionary-grade ski gear, we walked into the town of St. Moritz, which - according to Wikipedia - is a "popular destination of the upper class and international Jet Set." We laughed at ourselves as we saw our reflections in storefront windows displaying diamonds and furs.

We had no way to contact our families (that was way before cell phones) to tell them where we were. We had no money for a ticket back to our village. So we did the only thing we could do. We got on the train and hoped no one would ask for our ticket. We figured if we got caught, they'd make us get off at the next stop which was the stop where our families were anyways.

Fortunately our families guessed that we might have ended up on the wrong side of the mountain and sent our brothers on the train with extra tickets for us. It was also fortunate that our brothers found us before the train conductor did.

[end bonus feature]

This might look like a shower curtain, but it is actually a picture of NO SHOWER DOOR. I went into the kids bathroom to snake their drain and ended up in demolition mode, taking apart their icky broken shower door. It was quite a project, but I'm quite proud of myself.

I've been busy this week. Here are my stairs WITHOUT any gross dog-fur-magnetic-carpet. My plan is to stain the horizontal parts and paint the vertical parts. Forgive me, I don't know their proper names. I think I'll also paint the walls. I'm tired of that color (which looks even grosser in this photo, it's more yellowish than pukeish).

Honestly! I am so jealous of Kaitlin. I saw this photo on Facebook and I had to steal it to share with my friends. She said that when she and her friends asked Santa if they could get a photo with him, he suggested this pose. I love that Santa. What a fun elf.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving meal photo of the nice table setting, I decided to get a photo of our crowded kitchen. Because that's real life, yo! It was our family, my parents and sister, their Chinese boarder and her friend, and a family of four who we had a lot of fun getting to know and introducing to the game Wise and Otherwise. 

Have you ever played that game? There's an old Slovakian saying, "Sauerkraut juice is like..." Now finish the saying. Try to get people to guess yours and try to guess the real one. It gets pretty hilarious.

On Black Friday I made some turkey broth. 

And I also went to the mall. 

I know! 

I'm an over achiever.

I never go shopping on Black Friday. Just because I have no patience for long lines and crabby people. Actually, I'm the crabby person. 

But I dropped Kaitlin off at the mall to shop with her friends, and I had a gift certificate to Macy's, so I figured Why not? 

Guess what? No lines in the fitting room. No lines at the cash register. Two tops for less than the price of one of them. 

I may have to rethink my Black Friday boycott.

Speaking of Black Friday deals, my son left a subtle hint on my camera roll. His Christmas wishlist. In order. For my convenience.

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life rearranged


Lucy Martin said...

Fun and funny. love the Santa picture.
Ahhh, every time I see your post on your week.. I say I need to do this sometime.
I don't usually take pictures with my phone though so I'd have to remember my camera, any way you make it look fun and easy...

Mindy Whipple said...

Agreed - so much to be thankful for! Great job on the Macy's bargains - I stayed home in my fleece pants : ) As usual, loved your bonus feature - what an adventurer you are!

Gwendolyn T said...

I don't shop Black Friday either. I am also the crabby person, but great job with your trip out. I am loving all your projects.

Jessica said...

John's list on your phone = awesome! I wish my family would do that.
And I need to see an update on your stairs!
I hope you have a happy and productive week!


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