my week in review: 11/8-14//2013

Every week, I share my week's camera phone photos and the stories behind them. Throwing in a bonus feature here or there. Because I love bonus features. And sometimes because, as is the case this week, I hardly took any photos.

[bonus feature about bonus features:]

The other night we were watching a very disappointing movie on Blu-ray. It could have been so good, but it fell far short of our expectations. At some point in the middle of the disappointing movie I said somewhat disgustedly, "I bet this movie doesn't have any bonus features!" Then I added, "even if it did have bonus features, I wouldn't want to watch them!" That's how truly bad it was.

After a minute I retracted my threat. Of course I'd watch the bonus features! What was I thinking?

[end bonus feature about bonus features]

John and I photo bombed Kaitlin as she was taking selfies in the mirror at the hotel room before our nephew's wedding on Saturday night. 

I didn't get hardly any photos at the wedding, I can't believe it. I did get this one of Kaitlin with the glowing bride, our new niece-in-law, Elisa.

Thank goodness for photo booths.
These are the only family photos we got at the wedding. 

side note:
I've totally been singing this song ever since I saw it posted on Facebook. 
And because I thought it was funny, I posted it to my Facebook page
Sometimes you gotta just laugh about it.

I'm putting the final coat on my project that I can't show you until next week because it's a present that'll be given over the weekend. I'm pretty excited about it. And I'm so glad that Kaitlin talked me into making it.

Here's a sneak peek:

That's it! All my photos from the week. I think I'll take this opportunity to do a new bonus feature.

photos that didn't make the original week-in-review cut

Every day I'm chaufferin'. (fyi: that caption must be sung like this.)

Whenever I sub the paper route for the kids, it always reminds me of back in the day when I had a paper route. I had to deliver the papers by 6:00 am; and collect the payments from the customers; and walk my route uphill both ways in snowstorms.

Remember the photo of Sarah doing my hair while I watched the football game? Here we are with the finished hair style. And there's mom. I think she might have been trying to avoid the photo. But... she didn't.

Cloudy days are beautiful.

[end deleted scenes]

I hope you have a fantastic week!

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Mindy Whipple said...

Ooo your project preview has me wondering - can't wait to see your reveal. Nothing like settling in with a bowl of popcorn for a movie and having it turn out bad. We used to suffer through but now just stop it and find an old rerun or something from the DVR. Life is too short...Hope you find a good one next time : )


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