my week in review: 11/30-12/5//2013

Every week. Posting my camera phone photos. Telling the stories behind them. So that I can remember stuff. And because I don't have time to scrapbook. 

Saturday we had our Nelson women's Christmas get together with the women on my mom's side of the family. Here Aunt Barb is reading an article from her Ideals book, an article about Christmas that was originally printed in (Ladies Home Journal?) 1890.

It's kind of a tradition when we go to Aunt Barb's to choose a reading from one of her Ideals books. She has many of them. (I have many IKEA catalogs and she has many Ideals books. It's all good.) The Ideals book I was given to read from was printed in 1974. I was three when that thing came out. Those things are timeless.

Kaitlin and I were in Aunt Barb's bathroom and suddenly Kaitlin says, "Ooooh! Mom! Mirror selfie!" Because that's what you do when you are in a bathroom with a mirror. Obviously.

After the Nelson women's Christmas get together, those of us who were up for it went over to the Korda Records Showcase concert.

It was fun for me to see some people who I've met at my cousin's house, but had never seen perform. Like that lady in the striped dress, Allison. And Jim Ruiz, who is like family.

Then..... what we came there to see..... my cousin-in-law's band: The Ocean Blue.
Honestly, I'd like The Ocean Blue even if they weren't somehow related to me. It was a great concert. So fun. And so late. It was done around midnight, which meant we got home around 1:45 am. But, as David said, "that's rock and roll."

Kaitlin got braces on Monday. She's been in pain ever since.

John conducted a science experiment on us. He had to test our peripheral vision. It's not as easy as it looks.

This cracked me up when I saw it. Fifty two people are talking about Anne B. Good! 

I wonder why?!

Honestly I don't really even pay attention to my page's stats. Usually there are only two people talking about it. My parents, probably. Anyways. It cracked me up. I suspect that the sudden jump from 2 to 52 might have something to do with a pin I have on Pinterest about our Birthday Party for Jesus. Or else this picture I posted on Monday.

[bonus feature:]

The only reason I started a Facebook page was so that my friends who I am friends with on Facebook could follow me and not have to see all of my middle schooler's posts in their newsfeed. Now that I don't share Facebook with my middle schooler anymore, it feels redundant to have a timeline and a page.

"I just had a clever thought. Which one do I post it to? My page? My timeline? 

Talk about stress. How do real bloggers do it?

[end bonus feature]

One of my tenants (the 92 year old muffin man) brought me some rosettes he'd made. Last year he brought me two. This year he brought me a whole plate full. I brought it home and it was pretty much inhaled by my family. So the second batch he brought me... I kept it in the office! Shh.

For those of you who aren't familiar with them, rosettes are a common Christmas cookie for Minnesotan Scandinavians. They are basically a sweet, crispy, deep fried pastry.

This is my view from my desk. I put up the tree at work. I haven't decorated at home yet, but we did get the Christmas boxes out of the attic, which is a good first step.

After we got the boxes down from the attic, Retro Santa ended up in John's room. Apparently Santa is an Ohio State Buckeye fan. Obviously.

That was my week in grainy pictures. How was yours?

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Oma said...

I once brought rosettes for a cookie exchange. Had to make 12 dozen. I don't think that I have made any since then.

Amy said...

Enjoy the behind the scenes, but also so glad I finally got on Instagram so I could see it while it's happening:)

Mindy Whipple said...

How fun that you get together with just the women in your family and those rosette cookies are so pretty and powdery - like an ornament you can eat : )

Kelli Samson said...

So glad there is someone else in the world who didn't put up her tree before Thanksgiving this year! What was up with that?! I was like, "Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving???" Mine just went up Saturday. And the rosettes! My mom used to make those when I was little. They are so unusually delightful, aren't they? And just looking at your Kaitlin's braces, I can remember how those first few weeks felt. It's a pain you never forget! Happy Week!

Kelli Samson said...

PS: I was just on Pinterest to follow you, and we both have a board called "Sigh"! How funny! I just made mine last night, and then there was yours!

Anne Bickle said...

sometimes there are no words, just sighs.

Jessica said...

Yes! This is EXACTLY why I instagram and blog - because there's no scrapbooking here! Or even a lousy photo album for that matter. Hopefully there's no big cyber black hole that one day eats the internet. Then we'd be in trouble ;)
Sorry, I've been a bad blog commenting friend lately. I only sit here long enough to post my instafriday these days it seems. But I'm glad that I can follow you on instagram and comment there :) Anyway, I'll try to be better! Now I'm just waiting for your post from this past week to be published ;)


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