my week in review: 12/6-12//2013

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I put up the tree on Saturday morning. The past many years we have had a real tree AND a fake tree, but this year, due to budget cuts, we only have our fake tree. I was feeling kind of sad about that when I put it up. I've grown to like having a real tree.

This is my most favorite tree topper of all time. John made it in 2002, when he was in pre-school. It's topped one of our trees ever since.

After the tree was strung with lights and beads, they got to have at it with their ornaments. We've given them an ornament every years since they were born. Then JD and I hung our ornaments. We like to get an ornament for every year, a special memory or trip. 

We don't really have a theme to our tree, except maybe Family Memories Plus a Few Shiny Things

My favorite ornaments are the ones with photographs. Every year putting up the tree is like opening a time capsule.

The picture on the top left is JD when he was little. I remember, when we were first married and visiting his mom's for Christmas, seeing that ornament and thinking what a little cutie he was. And I thought how great it was that his mom kept it all those years and still put it out. His mom passed away in 2003 and the ornaments have just found their way to us this year. I was so happy to see it again and be able to put it up on our tree next to the pictures of our kids... and our neighbor girl (bottom right).

[bonus feature:]

"Mom!" John said somewhat urgently. 

I stopped putting up the ornaments and turned my attention to him. "What?" I asked.

"Why is Kloee on our Christmas tree?" he demanded. 

"Because she gave us the ornament," I replied, then added "besides, it's a memory."

As long as we have the ornament, we'll put it up. In fact...

Mail an ornament to Anne Bickle, PO Box 5744, Rochester, MN 55903 and we'll put it on our tree!

[end bonus feature] 

There was an ornament explosion on our tree. I'm pretty sure we can fit a few more ornaments on there.

Kitty Cat. Sitting there on the back of the couch, acting like you don't care. I know you do.

Early morning while I'm having coffee and Kaitlin is waiting for her ride to school. Sometimes when I see here, my heart just swells with love for her.

Artist trading cards are due this week. I didn't know what to do for the longest time. I decided to make a stamp, and stamp 12 of the same thing instead of making 12 separate drawings. I'd never made a stamp before, so there was a little bit of a learning curve, but I really enjoyed it.

I read this the morning after someone gave us an anonymous gift of money. They left it in a card and put it in our front door. The card was signed "from your family in Christ."

I have been having doubts about God's provision, losing hope. (Long story, but my husband works for a ministry where he has to raise money to get a paycheck and, well, let's just say, things have been tight for a long time.) The anonymous gift restored my hope. I'm so grateful for that person who obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I finished the trading cards and sent them off. Now I can't find the stamp I made... I think I might have thrown it away. So those things are truly limited editions.

It's been cold in Minnesota this week!
> > HOW COLD IS IT? < <

So cold that we put a blanket over the fireplace to try to stop the draft.

So cold that the butter I keep at room temperature is hard.

So cold that when the temperature reached 10 F, it was warming up.

So cold that Sarah and I put on Santa hats inside just to try to get warm. (Why are my front facing pictures always so grainy?)

Something that I like to do when it's cold is knit. Sarah asked me to teach her to knit a couple years ago. I love knitting with her.

Look what I got in the mail. I promise that I wrote the bonus feature before I got this ornament of Jessica's family in the mail on Thursday afternoon. It's like she read my mind. Now her family is hanging there on our Christmas tree with JD, my kids and Kloee.

Your ornament could be next!

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Mindy said...

I always ask the same question --- who are front facing pictures so grainy? I don't get it!?!?

Jessica said...

Because those front facing photos are so grainy (lower quality camera on that side of the phone), I still act like I don't have it and turn my phone around trying to guess where the button is when taking a selfie +1 shot!
Aww, thank you for honoring us on your tree! That is the funniest thing that you already had that bonus feature already written when you received our card. How crazy!
Your trading cards are amazing! You're like some kind of a professional or something :) I really hope you find your stamp, it's SO cute.

Anonymous said...

I love Jessica's card!!!! And that stamp you made is stunning. Seriously. Wow!
My tree and your tree could be bffs. I would feel so guilty to have a themed-tree and not put up all the sweet, funky ornaments! Merry Christmas! Hoping things warm up for you guys just a bit!

Van said...

Love the personal touch with the ornaments :)


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