my week in review: 1/10-16//2014

My week in grainy pictures and the stories behind them.

Friday night we sent these two off to a youth group retreat in Iowa.

A couple things about that:
  1. Someone anonymously paid for them to go, which was a huge blessing to us and, of course, to them because they probably couldn't have gone otherwise. So may God bless whoever did that.
  2. They weren't allowed to have cell phones the whole time! Which was awesome.... but also.... I was going into withdrawal a little bit. I need me some texts from my kids telling me what is up.
  3. When they came home, Kaitlin blasted worship songs instead of KROC. Not that KROC is bad, I'm just saying that's cool that Kaitlin was listening to worship music instead.
[bonus feature:]

After seeing a bunch of Statigram video slideshows being posted on Facebook, I got an email telling me that I could see my very own slideshow of my big moments of 2013.

The results amused me.

You guys. All my big moments were other peoples' big moments because I hashtaged them so that they and their friends could find the pictures. I don't usually hashtag just to hashtag. I try to keep my instas on the down low. That's why all my big moments of 2013 were other peoples' big moments. And probably why my love rate is so low. A stat I found really funny.

Kaitlin and I have a running joke that my instas don't get enough likes to have numbers instead of names. Maybe if my job depended on my social media presence I might care, but as I tell Kaitlin, "it's not about the #numbers."

[end bonus feature]

I spent some time this week painting the walls along the stairwell. This color is a nice change from the darker yellow that was on the wall before. I still haven't painted and stained the actual stairs. We've been busy painting the second floor rooms. It's funny how one project morphs into so many more projects.

We celebrated my cousin and her daughter's birthdays at the Hubble House in historic Mantorville. By the looks of this picture, my sister was really excited about it.

The class with Brene Brown started this week. To get ready for it, I transformed the desk in the living room into my art-journaling space. I usually keep my art stuff down in the basement or inside of cupboards. It's kinda fun to see it sitting out there on the desk, inviting me to do something with it.

Because it's an eCourse, they encourage us to share our assignments online. If you follow my insta feed, you will get to see all my assignments (sorry about that).

This was one of the assignments. I had to write "I'm imperfect and I'm enough" on my hand, take a selfie, put it in my journal and decorate the page. I decided to decorate the page with quotes that struck me from the instructional videos.

I took a personality class this week after reading Jeannett's post about personalities. I was curious to find out what personality I am and what it says about my personality type. According to the 16 personalities test, I am an INFP. The description of the personality is pretty close to mine, I think. It also explains why this creative class is so good for me.

In related news, I took a personality test of a different kind this week too. Which Muppet Personality Are You? I got Miss Piggy because I'm such a diva. It's obviously a very scientific test. (I'm so not a diva.)

life rearranged
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Jessica said...

Ha ha! Diva! Yeah, I would not pick that one for you. Funny, I am an ESFJ... but that was taken like 15 years ago. I do think our personalities can change over time, don't you? Maybe a little?
I love your project morphing into many others. So how it goes. Kind of annoying, but kind of fun and necessary too. However you may look at it ;)
I love when kids make good music choices. Mine are still young enough that it's mostly good music choices so far! You may have to coach me on that one!
Enjoy your weekend... only two more to go!


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