my week in review: 1/17-23//2014

My weekly post of what I took pictures of and the stories behind them. It's not all that happened, just what I took pictures of with my camera phone and put on Instagram.

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The house projects continued this week. We're painting Sarah's room lilac purple.

Oops, I spilled a bunch. That's okay because we're replacing that ugly burnt orange shag carpet. The rest of the house's carpet really needs to be replaced, too.

That's what prompted all these painting and stairwell projects -- the carpet replacement. The current carpet causes me to reconsider inviting anyone over to our home because I'm so embarrassed. The carpet is practically white (except for Sarah's). We have a chocolate lab and kids who spill and track in. Okay, the adults do that too. That and I do not like vacuuming. It's bad, yo.

Fortunately I know a carpet guy. One of the perks of being in property management.

I took a break from painting to watch a little football. I could barely see the TV for the mountain of laundry in front of it. At first I was frustrated, but then I was so thankful for my husband who does the laundry. He's the reason we have clean laundry.

And then I folded the laundry while watching football. That's how we do it in our house. He does the laundry and I fold it while watching TV.

Wow. I'm highlighting all my housekeeping inadequacies in this post. Well, not all of them. I have plenty more.

It snowed this week. Sarah snowboarded down the "hill" in our backyard on a plastic sled. She's resourceful, that girl. And a future snowboarder apparently.

[bonus feature:]

Sarah loves to play in the snow. She's the only one of my kids who asks to go play in the snow. The others, when they were little, I would have to tell them to go play in the snow. 

A couple times I looked out the window to watch her and she was laying face down in the snow, motionless. I watched her closely. She laid there so still. After a while I became concerned. She wasn't moving, was she injured? I was about to throw on a jacket and boots to check on her when she got up and started digging in the snow. I could see her talking to herself. Or maybe to whomever she was imagining. I admire the sense of play in that little girl.

[end bonus feature]

Speaking of little girls, I had to get in touch with mine this week for the Brene Brown class. Our assignment was to find a photo that resonated with "the essence of us." I'm not sure what the essence of me is, but after narrowing it down to several pictures I decided on this one, which was taken when I was about seven or eight. I chose it because I see vulnerability and confidence. And because I remember thinking I was pretty cool with my t-shirt tied like that.

The lesson was on authenticity. Knowing our story. And then being true to it. I had to answer some questions about that little girl in the picture. Good stuff.

Here's my new mantra for authenticity: Don't play it safe. Play it real.

It's easy to play it safe. It's courageous to play it real.

life rearranged

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Lucy martin said...

Hi Anne, enjoyed seeing into your life...
Enjoy the renos if there is such a thing! LOL....

Mindy Whipple said...

Shared the lovely gifts you gave me on my blog this week : ) I think lilac is a lovey color and I especially like the blue and green team on your TV screen - Superbowl for our team! Have a great week.


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