my week in review: 1/24-30//2014

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Sarah made a snowman in the dark all by herself. She has superpower snowman-making abilities.

I squeezed in some time for this contraption this week. Or, they squeezed me in. Either way. If you know what this is, you feel my pain. If you don't, you are probably younger than 40.

Sarah had her first basketball game of the season on Saturday. She was a superstar rebounder.

After Sarah's game, we watched Kaitlin's team take a silver medal at her volleyball tournament. When we got to the tournament after Sarah's game, one of the parents in the stands told us that Kaitlin was dominating in serving. She was 42 for 43 serves, he said. And then added that she's fun to watch. *Proud momma.*

Parking your van on the sidewalk by the backdoor might seem like a good idea when there are no parking spaces left at the volleyball center. Unless the wind blows the snow in drifts over the sidewalk so deep that your van gets stuck in the snow. Then it's not such a good idea.

I'm making progress - slow, but sure - on Sarah's room. I finished the darker purple, now I need to paint the trim white before we recarpet. She says that she doesn't need new carpet, the sweet girl. But I beg to differ.

This was my drive to work on Thursday morning. I know, I know... I shouldn't have taken a photo while driving in this blizzard. But, look at it! It's crazy. But it's kind of beautiful in a white-knuckle sort of way.

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Cassi Brightforest said...

I can't wait for volleyball tournaments. Congrats on her serving!


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