my week in review: 1/28-2/6//2014

Friday we celebrated Linnie's birthday by having dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. It was very entertaining. I hope Linnie enjoyed being celebrated on her birthday, which falls on the Chinese New Year, which - if you're Chinese (and she is) - is a little like having your birthday fall on Christmas day, which is kind of a real bummer.

On Saturday we sent John off to the high school Heartthrob Dance, the dance where the girls ask the boys to go to the dance with them. It's so interesting for me to navigate American high school traditions through the eyes of my children. I never really went through it myself, so I'm learning as they go.

[bonus feature:]

I went to an American high school in 9th grade, but didn't really participate in school social events at all. I don't think at that time that 9th graders were even allowed to go to Homecoming. Not that I would have gone. Because I was antisocial and all that.

When we moved to Germany I attended the German high school for a year even though I didn't know German. My Dutch classmate convinced me to go to a class party in honor of the French foreign exchange students. It ended up being a party with dancing. If I had known there was going to be dancing I never would have gone because I'd never danced and felt insecure about flailing around.

But I was already there, and everyone was dancing, so my friend convinced me to go out on the dance floor and bop up and down with her. Just up and down. Then side to side. Then crazy moves like no one cares. And I was like, "cool. I can do this, it's actually fun."

Then a slow song came on and one of the French guys asked me to slow dance. I was horrified. I didn't know French, I hardly knew German, I could barely speak to him. I'd never danced before and I had especially never slow danced while, you know, touching.

The next school I went to, a missionary kid boarding school, didn't allow dancing (we had banquets instead of dances). Though I did enjoy sneaking out going to the discotheques.

[end bonus feature]

Jessica texted me a while ago and told me that her daughter had a hockey tournament in Rochester. It was a busy weekend for us, but we were able to find the time to watch her daughter's team on Saturday night. Then Jessica and I went out for a glass of wine and girl time while the dad's took the girls to the hotel pool. (What great dads/husbands we have!!)

Such a treasure, to be able to get to know Jessica better. We had such a good time visiting that we decided we need more girl time... A Therapeutic Girl's Weekend. Stat!

[bonus feature:]

Jessica and I have been trying to get our two girls to be pen pals since they met last year, but they have yet to exchange letters. After Sarah got home from swimming with Annika, she wanted to know when we'd see them again because she had fun with her.

"I don't know when we'll get to see them again, honey, but maybe now you will want to write her."

"Mom," she said with a straight face and a twinkle in her eye. "That would require paper. And an envelope. And a stamp! Being pen pals costs money."

Part of me had to laugh at her reasoning. The other part of me was sad that the art of letter writing is lost.

[end bonus feature]

Sarah's been going Rainbow-Loom-crazy. She watches YouTube instructional videos and comes up with some pretty amazing creations. This panda necklace was a present she made for a friend's birthday present. I just love that.

This week's Brene Brown lesson was about the messages we tell ourselves and ways we need to practice more self-compassion. These are a few of the messages I need to remember to tell myself. 

Here we are with a recent photo of the slowest room makeover ever. We're almost ready for the carpet to go in! We just need to paint the doors white now.

I love the white trim so much more than the 70s dark stained trim. I might just want all the trim in our house white. That will probably take about five years to get done.

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Mindy Whipple said...

Your daughter is really creative! Happy weekend :)

Anonymous said...

That panda bear is totally awesome. My 8 year old loves making bracelets.

Jessica said...

How did John like the Heartthrob dance?
Yes. Girl's weekend, stat!
I'm totally laughing about the pen pal reasoning! She's one smart cookie :)

Danavee said...

I just FLIPPED when I saw the pic of you and Jessica together! HOW DID I MISS IT!?!!? AHHH!

Mindy said...

I love the picture of the things you need to tell yourself. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the story of you and the dancing. It's so tender!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Your son looks super handsome, by the way! Hope they had fun. Still so excited you and Jess got together and wishing I were closer!! And Danavee, too! We need a bloggy meet-up!

Anne Bickle said...

He enjoyed it very much but his one complaint was that there was only one slow dance...

Anne Bickle said...

O that would be so fun!


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