my week in review: 2/25-27//2014

Sharing the stories behind my Instagram photos, that's what I do here.

Sarah helped me write a bonus feature for last week's post. I had to take a photo of her while she was writing it. She's a great writer (exhibit A and exhibit B).

Speaking of writing, Kaitlin texted me from school this week telling me that I needed to write a book. Evidently some of her friends were talking about my blog and thought it was good (which is why I offered them candy bars at the end of the post).

I laughed, "what on earth would I write a book about?" 

And she replied as quick as Reggie comes at the sound of dishes clanking, "you could write about what it's like to live with such an awesome person like me."

If only I could find a way to make that marketable.

 We finally have carpet!! Thank you Jesus.

All week I've been noticing the snow stuck on the branches of the trees since the Blizzard of 2014. It's so pretty, almost like the trees are blooming snow.

Then my Instagram friend, Yvonne, posted a photo of some trees with almond blossoms.

At first when I saw the photo, before I knew that it was Yvonne in California, I thought that someone in Minnesota had beaten me to posting a photo of the snow blossom trees.

But then I realized that there are actually places on this earth -- in this very country! -- where there are trees blossoming with actual flower blossoms.

One day we in Minnesota will see actual flower blossoms, but until then I am enjoying -- no, really, I am enjoying -- the snow blossoms.

Because that is how you stay sane when it's a record cold winter with no end in sight.


Hey, who wants to join me in posting intentional gratitude pics? I don't often hashtag, but I think I might do this. Seems like a good exercise, to look for the gratitude and be intentional about it.

Speaking of intentional gratitude... our windows are really bad. But the bright side of having bad windows is finding some beautiful scenery ON the windows, not just outside of the windows.

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Jan W said...

That's a fantastic picture of your window. I wish I had a window like that. I've told you for years that you should write a, what would you title it??

Mindy said...

LOVE the snow on the trees. SO pretty!

Jessica said...

Ugh. Our windows are really bad also! Like thick chunks of ice sitting on the sill! Crazy. I love your idea of intentional gratitude. It seems I could use some of that these days.
You have amazing kids and I'm so impressed with Sarah's writing ability! It's easy to see where she gets it :) And by the way, I'm itching for that girls' weekend. Like NOW!


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