my week in review: 2/7-13//2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Along with JD getting hired as the head baseball coach at Century High School, celebrating JD's birthday and getting ready for V-day, this week has been the final push to get Sarah's room painted before the carpet comes. I'm so excited for her. She has never had her room painted just for her, just the way she wants it.

I was a little sad about painting over the wood grain. I like wood grain. But my little girl wanted white trim because it would look better with purple. And she's right, of course.

Next time, though, I think I'm just going to buy white doors. After six coats of white, I think it's finally a solid white. But there's a reason this picture of the doors is not a close-up.

 A couple years ago my sister gave Sarah this chandelier. I finally got it out to put up.

 It's looking pretty good!

[bonus feature:]

Here's a little look at that same corner after I painted the room for Kaitlin:

So. Yah. I am never going to paint flowers on a wall again. Or at least, if I do, I am never going to paint it freehand, oblivious to the amount of paint that I am building up. I had to sand down that flower with a power sander, and you can still faintly see the flower's brush strokes underneath the new purple wall.

Also, Kaitlin wanted a neon green room with flowers for about one year. Then she was over it. And I was like, "but!" Like I said, I am never going to paint flowers on a wall again.

[end bonus feature]

Look what I found in the background of Brene's Live Q&A session! How fun to see it there behind her!

This week our assignment is to think about when we want to numb our feelings and how we numb. And then what things bring us comfort.

I've been getting ready for the Valentine's Day party at work.

Wednesday night Sarah was a little forlorn about her Valentine's Day box. She wanted a panda box, but was having a hard time getting the parts to stick together with tape. I suggested we paper mache the pieces together.  Initially I wasn't excited about helping with her Valentine's Day box because it was fairly late at night after a tiring day at work. But one look at her face and I changed my attitude real quick. She won't be making many more of these boxes. At one point, while we were sticking the strips of paper on the boxes Sarah said, "mom, I'm so glad you are doing this with me." Me too.

And there she is with her finished product. The cutie.

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Lucy martin said...

Oh Anne...that looks great!! I have soooo many I will never again when it comes to decorating...have a sweet day..xo.Lucy.

Jessica said...

How do you paper mache? You're such a good mom! That panda turned out amazing!
Sarah's room looks so great! I had no idea about all the layers it would take to cover the doors. Did it take that many layers for the trim as well?


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