my week in review: 3/7-13//2014

Sharing my week's Instagram photos. 

Telling the stories behind them. 

That's what I do here.

The Southeast Minnesota FCA banquet was on Sunday night. So pretty much the whole weekend was spent getting ready for the banquet. I was in charge of the signage for the sponsors. I was a little bit frustrated when I got there and they had messed them up and then I had to show them how to do their job. 

We transported the silent auction goodies and somehow got John in the car too.

 It was encouraging to see everyone there in support of the ministry.

I got this in the mail. Totally surprised. It was a thank you gift from (in)courage for being on the (in)mercy team, helping raise funds for the Mercy House in Kenya. I love the necklace. Of course I had to check out the vintage pearl website

I want this.

It's a new leaf.

When I wear it, I'll be constantly turning it.

Get it?

Now that baseball season is here, I need this

Along with a volleyball necklace for volleyball season.
And a football necklace for football season.
And a basketball necklace... and a softball necklace... and hopefully not a soccer necklace.

Or maybe just one necklace with all the sports' charms.


(Are you reading this Coach Bickle?)

I doodled some hands. I found a "doodle a day" thingie (game?) on Instagram. I enjoyed doing the photo a day thing, and I just might do it again, but I thought it would be good to do some doodling.

It's under the hashtag #sadoodleaday if you are interested.

So, the next day the doodle assignment was "monster." And I was a little bit like "what the am I going to draw for 'monster'?"

It just so happened that I had to do some training for work on Wednesday and Thursday. The government entity known as HUD has a whole bunch of regulations that we have to follow when we certify that someone needs a subsidy. 

It's a little confusing to begin with, and now they are changing the TRACS form 202C to 202D so we need to be up on it when the changes roll out at some undetermined date in the future that keeps getting pushed back because government.

Sometimes it feels like a monster to figure out and stay on top of.

And then I knew what I had to doodle for monster.

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life rearranged


Mindy said...

You doodle well! I'm impressed!

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

The doodle a day sounds fun! But, I can't even keep up with the photos, I doubt I would be able to think of something to doodle each day.

Alyson McMahon said...

Those hands that you doodled are GREAT! I can draw fairly well, but NEVER could master drawing body parts. Nice job. Cute monster too. haha! Love The Vintage Pearl. Isn't their stuff beautiful? I have been so absent and am totally behind on reading. Excited to catch up with you!! xo

Jessica said...

I vote for Mr. T! You'd look awesome in a ton of necklaces around your neck ;)
But seriously, those necklaces are sweet! And you're so funny.


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