my weeks in review: 3/14-27//2014

My last two weeks of Instagram photos. The stories behind them. And a bonus feature or two. That's what this is. No biggie.

After the banquet, Mom and I went to Dunn Bros to work on thank you notes and have some mother daughter time.

JD and I went on a date to Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery. We hadn't been there before; it was really good. We sampled some wines (he prefers sweet, I prefer a dry red) and ordered our favorite of the bunch to go along with dinner, a thin crust artichoke and brie pizza. Yum!

I'm not Irish, but I got in the spirit.

I've been looking for just the right pillow slip-covers to replace my old torn ones. I found these at Shop-Ko and I knew they were just right.

It's pretty amazing how much joy new pillowcases can bring me.

I laughed when I saw this. 

It made me think of the fruit salads that Kaitlin used to make. (Not because of the wine part, but because of the fruit salad part.)

[bonus feature:]

When Kaitlin was little, The Wiggles were popular. They might still be popular, I don't know. Thankfully I don't know.

Of course Kaitlin would want to make fruit salad every day. It was her specialty!

I wanted to encourage her desire to work in the kitchen, so I let her make her fruit salad to accompany whatever dinner we were having. At first I directed her fruit salad making. But then, as she became more confident, I let her make her own fruit salad concoctions. 

When she thought it was a good idea to add American cheese to the salad, I let her know that I doubted if it belonged in a fruit salad. 

When she declared that she wanted to add lunch meat, I explained that she'd crossed the line. And yet, she was so insistent! And so excited about her fruit salad ingredient choices! 

How could I say no?

That is the year JD and I were front runners for the Academy Award in the category of: Best Acting as we ate Kaitlin's "fruit" salad with anything she could think to put in it. 

All our friends who came for dinner and were served fruit/luncheon meat/cheese/peanut salad were like this:

but Kaitlin was like this:

So for me it was a win.

[end bonus feature]

I had to steal this picture of my sister's because look at this!:
At her birthday lunch (which I sadly was not at) she met Bill Murray who was eating at the same restaurant not far from them. How cool is that?

She approached him for a photo, telling him that it was her birthday, and he shoved his chair away from the table and slapped his knee and told her to sit down. Then he told his friends he was with to take a picture with his camera, too. My mom was taking a picture of them and he told her to sit down on his other knee. So that is the story behind this photo.

While Bethany was on the phone with our brother, Grant, who lives in New Hampshire, we brought out the cake so that he could sing Happy Birthday to her with us.

I can't believe my little sister is 35. Crayzee. And then mom told me that my little brother is turning 40 this year. I was like WHAT?!

Time marches on.

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Mindy said...

LOVE the green nails! That's a great color!

Lucy martin said...

Hi Anne...ok is that actually Bill Murray??
I guess Weekend At Bernie's was 20+ years ago but wow!!
Good for them...
I like your blog but miss your shared heart posts...
but don't worry I get is busy! Take care.

Anne Bickle said...


Anne Bickle said...

Yes, it really is Bill Murray. Not only does he look older than I expected, but when I told my daughter that Bethany met Bill Murray she was like, "who?" and so I showed her a photo and she was like, "still don't know him." I said "Ghostbusters? Groundhog Day? What About Bob?" She said, "Mom, those are old movies." Which of course made me feel old too.


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