my week in review: 3/28-4/17//2014

Sharing my phone's pictures, telling the stories behind them.

I've been an InstaFriday slacker. 
Here's what I've been up to the last 3 weeks:

I started part 2 of the Gifts of Imperfection class with Brene Brown. 
The first assignment was to give myself permission slips. 
I thought it was pretty ironic that I messed up on the title of the class about imperfection. 

The focus of our first week was being creative. 
Our assignment was to do a self portrait using crayons, 
then make an Author page for our journal with three things we believe in. 
There are so many things I believe in that could have written, 
I just put down the first three that came to mind. 

The girls and I went over to my sisters and we did our nails. 
I never do my nails, 
except that it's kind of a bonding activity with my girls so I've been doing it lately. 
It's evidently a "thing" to paint one nail differently than the others. 
Good thing I have a middle school daughter to help keep me in the loop with all the "things."

 We celebrated my dad's birthday. 
I found this coffee mug for him to help him make decisions when the grandkids are over. 
It's perfect.

 For my dad's birthday meal I made his specialty, Daddy's Tubesteak Delight
He invented it and made it for us all the time when we were kids. 
He didn't ever write down the recipe, but it's basically German potato salad with hot dogs.
I asked him about the story behind Daddy's Tubesteak Delight.
He said that one time he made German potato salad and us kids didn't like it.
So the next time he added hot dogs and called it something different.
He is a really smart man.
We didn't like German potato salad but we loved Daddy's Tubesteak Delight.

I have a ton of hot dogs left over from the baseball team cook out. 
We're pretty much having hot dogs in everything until they're gone. 

 One day at work I got a text from my dear InstaFriend Jessica asking me if I wanted to have lunch.
She was going to be driving through the town I work in, around lunch time, so it worked out well.
It was such a nice treat! 
We didn't get an InstaPicture of our meet up, 
but I did get a pic of these treats from Trader Joe's she brought for me. 

I'd never had the cookie butter before.
I feel like I wasn't truly living before I tasted the cookie butter.

 Sarah was with me when this new cookie butter world was opened to me. 
She and I agreed to keep it a secret and hide the delicious stuff in a secret place. 
When JD discovered it, we told him that it was gross and he probably wouldn't like it. 
He believed us until he tried it. 
It is Ah-may-zing.
It's a really bad thing that it is so good.

 John had his first game of his high school career.
Sarah and I drove to Winona to watch him.
Mapquest did us wrong, but we eventually found the field that the JV was playing on.
I love watching baseball.

Somewhere in the last three weeks I managed to post my first heartfelt blog post in a while.
I was inspired by Glennon Melton to share about my messy, beautiful life.
I am so messy.
Not just cleaning, but I am messed up.
And I think it's important to let each other know how messed up we are because that is real.
And real is beautiful.

 The day after National Siblings Day I posted this picture of me and my siblings.
Because who on earth knows that it's National Siblings Day unless everyone on social media 
posts pictures of their siblings to inform you of such a day.

I think we should start a National Clown Nose Day and see how many people post pictures of themselves
in clown noses.

This girl, always taking selfies.
I like to bomb them. 
She lets me.

She and I got our hair colored together sometime during these last three weeks. 
But we never took before and after pictures. 
We are both now darker and redder than we were before.
I think she looks fantastic!
I'm almost used to my color. 
I do like it though.

Another lunch meet up with Jessica within a three week span! 
How lucky am I?
This time we made sure to get an InstaPicture.

Did I mention we met through this InstaFriday linkup with Life Rearranged?
Sometimes the internet is cool like that.

I'm @annebickle, linking up with @jeannettg for InstaFriday.

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Mindy Whipple said...

You have been a busy lady! I like your permission slips - sounds like a great exercise.

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

Your hot dog dilemma reminded me of an episode of That 70s Show where Kitty wins a year supply of hot dogs. You should look up the episode for some ideas, lol!


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