my week(s) in review: 4/18-5/1//2014

Sarah turned 10 on the 19th. My youngest is in double digits!

We woke her up with a birthday breakfast. A tradition.

And told her about the day she was born. Another tradition.

Then we watched baseball.

John (at bat) played in the 9th grade game and the JV game. We watched him for a few innings of each game, but the birthday girl wasn't really wanting to spend her birthday at the ball field.

She and I headed to the mall to have some birthday shopping mother daughter time.

Then we had a Mystery Meal for her birthday dinner, which was her request.

Me and my ten year old girl.

I've gotten behind in my Brene Brown course assignments. Here's one though. I had to make this sign and post it somewhere I would see it. Because being creative is really important to living wholeheartedly.

Brene said something that I thought was pretty interesting (and I'm paraphrasing):

We are all creative beings. It's just that some people use their creativity and some don't. And if you don't use your creativity, you will become frustrated because you are a creative being. So make time to be creative.

After work on Friday I sat outside. I SAT OUTSIDE! It was so monumentous that I had to Instagram it. I lasted about three minutes. It looked nice, but it was still a little chilly.

I watched baseball games on Saturday. It was windy and cold! I felt like the Unibomber with my hoodie and sunglasses.

Three baseball games, btw! I really ought to win some sort of an award.

I rarely get to watch JD coach the varsity players who I hear so much about, so I wanted to watch the varsity game. Then John played in both the JV game and the 9th grade games, so of course I had to play in those.

During the JV game, after John made a good play at shortstop and a great throw to get the runner out at first, one of the parents in the stands said, "who IS that kid?" and I was all like, "he's MY kid!!!!" (Except I said that silently in my head because I don't like to draw attention to myself.)

I made a Frosty run. A friend of mine is alone with four boys ages 3-9, trying to keep her house "show-ready" until they sell it. (Her husband is in Ohio, having already started his new job.) One day I got a text from her that said she wanted a Frosty. On top of everything else she has going on, she had a migraine and strep throat. I went and got her a Frosty. Because that's what friends do.

When JD got the job here in Rochester, I was alone with the kids in Kansas City until our house there sold. I know it's tough.

JD asked me to write down the ingredients for the laundry soap so that he could buy them and make it because we were out. He tried to make it, but I couldn't bear to watch him struggle with grating the soap, so I finished it up.

We had to laugh. When I first said I wanted to make our laundry soap, he rolled his eyes and humored me. Now he's willing to buy the ingredients and make it! We've come a long way, baby.

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Mindy Whipple said...

I love that you brought your hurting friend a Frosty! We live about 35-40 minutes away from the nearest Wendy's so it might be chocolate soup by the time I got it to a friend but maybe I could blend up one myself. I also love that your husband was wanting to make the soap : )

Jessica said...

You are a tough baseball mama! These early season games can be COLD. But it sure is fun to see your boy make awesome plays :)
I want to know what the birthday mystery meal was. And those were excellent birthday photos of your kids (and you)!
I so have to make that laundry detergent. Love it.


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