snapshots & thoughts

The other evening JD and I were sitting on a bench by the river and I became entranced 
by the fireflies which were flashing on and off all around us.

Seeing fireflies always brings me back to childhood and memories of trying to catch them, 
trying to capture light with my hands. 
It brings me back to innocence and wonder.

As I got up from the bench and pulled out my phone I said,  
"if we can't catch them in jars, let's catch them with our cameras!"

It wasn't easy capturing those little lightning bugs on camera.
I think I caught one there in the photo, maybe two.

We resorted to catching them with our hands.
Even then it was hard to catch them lit up on camera.


I got a new journal.
Not just any kind of journal.

It's a journal that you wreck.
On purpose.

[bonus feature:]

One day when the kids and I were in Kansas/Missouri on our little vacation,
I had lunch with Priscilla and Kenna, a friend of hers.
During the course of the conversation Kenna told me about a journal with prompts to do crazy things like eat colorful candy and paint the page with your tongue.
"Oh! I need that!" I said. "Something to get my creative juices running."
And I made a mental note to maybe see about getting it.

Except that right after our lunch, Priscilla's wonderful friend went to the store and bought it for me.
That blessed me so much, that she would do that for me, who she hardly knows.

So that is the story of how I came to own this journal.
And how I came to spam instafeeds with my journal wrecking shenanigans.

[end bonus feature]

After I showered with the book, I left it hanging on the curtain rod to dry off.
"Mom, why is there a book up there?" Kaitlin asked me.
"Because I brought it into the shower and I'm letting it dry up there."
"Why did you bring it into the shower?!"
"I'm trying to wreck it," I said.
She looked at me like I was crazy, but then I showed her the page, and she was like okay, whatever mom. Except she didn't say it, she just looked at me like whatever.

I had to color the edges.

I had to take a walk, dragging it behind me.

 I had to find a way to wear it.

I came up with some pretty fashionable jewelry.

All in all, I had a pretty productive week of wrecking.


Or, at least that's all I've seemed to take snapshots of.


One of my favorite things:
Sitting outside after a hot, muggy day feeling the cool breeze of an incoming storm and listening to the thunder in the distance as it rolls in.


Tamera Beardsley said...

Hello my dear! So lovely to 'see' you again! I have missed your sweet soul. I was admiring your jewelry … even before I knew it was part of the journal … well done … so well done.


Anne Bickle said...

Tamera - thank you. Coming from you, I consider that a high compliment on my jewelry making... Perhaps I could start a whole new line for you...? The Journal Jewelry Line, by Anne. Let me know... I miss you too! But I think you have been very busy/productive lately. It's been fun to watch.


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