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I really didn't want to make that photo extra large, and I'm sorry that I did. Except the whole reason that I posted it on Instagram was to make a point. Which is also why I posted it extra large right here just now. You see...

Sometimes we have to let go of the way we want to be and we have to be okay with the way we are.

I was texting a young momma friend who was a little bit frustrated about wanting to be a certain kind of mommy, but not living up to being that kind of mommy. Sometimes she was a frazzled frustrated mommy. And she thought she shouldn't be. That right there is what I said to her. And that is Truth.

To make my point, I posted a photo of my tired eyes with my reading glasses on top of my nose (which I've been a little self conscious about ever since watching my wedding video). Sometimes I just need to be okay with the way I am.

I bought a treadmill at our neighbor's garage sale. 

I promise to run on it more often than I went to the gym. 

That's not saying much.

I didn't have running shoes so (after running for the first time in my Birks) I got some. 

The other day I drove over to Sarah's friend's house to bring her some stuff for a sleep over. I called her outside, told her that I needed to show her something. Then I showed her the sky. She laughed and said (quoting me), "the sky is so beautiful I just want to reach out and touch it!" Then on the way home I texted her this photo.

I love finding notes like this.

School started again. I can't believe my youngest is in 5th grade! The kids weren't with me on the first day of school, but Sarah wanted her hair straightened, so I went over and helped her straighten her hair. It was strange to not be with them on the first day/week.

It really bothered me me that I haven't had a hat with the colors of my son's high school football team to wear when it gets cold during football season. So I decided to knit one.

When I was finished, I offered to let Kaitlin and John borrow my nice new Century colored hat, but they looked at me like they felt sorry for me... hmm... Not sure if I'll be so "swaggie" anymore once I show up at the football games wearing it.

I accidentally got a makeover:
I'm not sure what to think about it. It sure is colorful.

I went out to lunch with my sweet friend, Andrea. Afterwards she needed to get some Clinique stuff, and I saw that they had some anti-red foundation. When I asked the Clinique Lady about the foundation, Andrea told her to give me a makeover because I had a "hot date" that night with my husband.

Two hours later we were BFFs with the Clinique lady and I had purple eye shadow on my brow. 

[bonus feature:]

I haven't worn any color on my brow since I was 5 and found my mother's Mary Kay lipstick compact. I was so proud of my red "eye shadow" that I walked over to my friends to show her. My friend's mom took one look at me and said, "let's call your mom. I have a feeling she doesn't know about this."

[end bonus feature]

JD took me to a local winery to watch the sunset. We decided to take a selfie. 

"You are TOO FAR CLOSE to the camera," I said.

We laughed about that. "Too far close." What is that even?

There, now you're not too far close.

I love this picture. I didn't mean to take it, sometimes those are the best. We were laughing about me being "too far close" to the camera.

We had a birthday party for the 90+ year olds at work. I got to bring out my nice dishes for them. Little things like that make them so happy. Making them smile makes me happy.

All decked out in our Century colors for the game. And my new hat!

Time flies! This post has been sitting in my dashboard forever. I got so much catching up to do!

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Lucy martin said...

Haven't forgotten about the hat...and you!!
Too bad we can't go for coffee...:)


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