and the winner is

A while back JD and I spent an evening taking photos as part of a friendly competition resulting in a "big prize" for the winner.

Bragging rights, mostly. Which is a big prize as far as I'm concerned.

Initially we were going to judge our own photos, but I decided to get input from others. Because, really, JD would totally cheat if we voted on our own photos.

Or I would.

We're a little competitive 'round here.


Without much further ado, here are the photos and their vote totals:

Facebook likes: 6
Instagram likes: 5

Facebook likes: 8
Instagram likes: 8

Facebook likes: 8
Instagram likes: 12

Facebook likes: 6
Instagram likes: 9

Facebook likes: 12
Instagram likes: 12

Facebook likes: 14
Instagram likes: 14


It looks like photo #6 was the big winner with 28 total votes. Photo #6 was JD's. He stopped along the highway... and told me to take the picture for him. So it was me who actually took the photo. 

Clearly I am the winner.

Truth be told, JD's three photos got more votes than my three photos. Mine were the first three (47 votes), his were the last three (67 votes). I would like to point out that I took two of his photos, #5 and #6. Plus, I cropped and edited them, so. I mean. Really. 

I am the clear winner.

However... photo #4 was taken while JD laid down on the ground to take the picture. That, dear friends, is commitment to getting just the right shot. That is worth about 50 points as far as I'm concerned. Plus the whole photo-taking-competition-date was his idea, which is at least another 50 points.

Which makes JD the winner of our photo competition.

He may have won the photo competition (even though he cheated by making me take his photos), but clearly we're both big winners.

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