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Every fall when I see the beautiful bright red maple trees, I am reminded of the scavenger hunts that I made for my then preschoolers. The scavenger hunt always included fall colored leaves so I could use them to decorate the house. They got bonus points for red leaves.

That's why last week, as I planned our date night on a week when Autumn's colors were at their peak, my thoughts were on scavenger hunts. 

I had so much fun googling scavenger hunt lists and coming up with ideas. I wanted a list of things that we had to find and/or do and capture with a photo. The object wasn't to get everything on the list or to compete against each other. It was simply to laugh and have fun together.

A friend of mine, when she saw one of my Insta posts of our scavenger hunt, said that our smiles might inspire her and her husband to go have fun together.

I hope we do.

If laughter is the best medicine, then it's the best thing you can do with your loved one if your relationship needs medicine.

So. For my friend - and anyone else who's interested - I'm providing my complete list of items that we scavenged for on our fun (and cheap) date night. Some of them are specific to our town and some are specific to the season, but it will get you started on some fun ideas for a scavenger hunt date night. All you need is a list and a camera, which conveniently is located on many phones these days.

But first, the photographic evidence of our scavenger hunt and the items on the list that we captured.


Our Scavenger Hunt Date:

We got a later start on our date than I planned (teenage son needing his hair dyed & cut into a Mohawk for sectional football playoffs and all that) so the lighting is bad and the pictures are few, but it was so much fun that we didn't care.

1. A photo of a license plate from the farthest away place you can find
We drove through a parking ramp for this one. You can see me squatting in the reflection of the bumper. Bonus points for that.

2. A selfie with the Mayo brothers
As in the statues of the Mayo brothers in the park across the street from the little clinic they started. It was hard to get all four of us in the photo, but we did.

3. A photo high-fiving a stranger
As this guy was walking by I stopped him and said, "excuse me, we're on a photo scavenger hunt and we need to get a photo while high-fiving a stranger." 

"I'm your guy!" he said with a little amusement and no hesitation . Look how into it he is.

4. A photo doing the Karate Kid crane pose
We saw our reflections in a building and decided to try to take a photo of both of us doing the crane pose. I think JD got it, but it's tough to take a photo of yourself doing the pose. Full points for him, bonus points for me for standing on one foot while taking a photo.

5. A photo jumping in the air
We both got some air, but I over-exposed myself. Minus points to me for having to censure my muffin top.

 6. A photo with Plummer's cornerstone.
This site is significant for us in the evolution of our picture taking history as a couple. Let's just say I used to take photos of (because art major) and it was met with a little bit of resistance at this spot one date night several years ago. Now my photo taking is embraced and encouraged. Look at how happy he is to get his photo taken. Triple bonus points to JD for being okay with photo taking on dates.

7. Getting a take-out menu from a Chinese restaurant.
Because I need a take out menu and this is a good way to get one. (I am practical, after all.)


That's all the photos we had time for.

And now, for your info and/or inspiration, here's the complete list of items we scavenged for:

Scavenger Hunt Date Night

[  ]  selfie with a police officer
[  ]  selfie with a purple teddy bear
[  ]  selfie with a fireman in front of a fire truck
[  ] selfie in a phone booth
[  ]  selfie with the Mayo brothers
[  ]  swinging on a swing set
[  ]  sliding head first down a slide
[  ]  shooting a basketball
[  ]  hula hooping
[  ]  posing like Karate Kid
[  ]  climbing a tree
[  ]  on a motorcycle
[  ]  posing next to a mannequin like a mannequin
[  ]  giving a stranger a high five
[  ]  giving someone a piggy back ride
[  ]  wearing a Halloween costume
[  ]  jumping in the air
[  ]  photobombing a romantic moment
[  ]  holding a tiny dog
[  ]  in front of an ugly car
[  ]  a sign with a spelling error
[  ]  a license plate from the farthest away place from here you can find
[  ]  the oldest cornerstone you can find
[  ]  five different colored leaves
[  ]  an old couple holding hands
[  ] holding a Chinese take out menu

Obviously we were slackers. That means we have a few more photo scavenger date nights ahead of us. Not a bad thing, all in all.

Laughter is good medicine.

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