snapshots & thoughts: 10/24/2014

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My friend and I painted one evening.

She kept sending me links to Canvas and Chardonnay's events, but we couldn't come up with an evening/painting that worked for both of us. Finally I said, "how bout I provide the canvases and Chardonnay and we paint at my place?" So that's what we did.

I decided to just paint circles so that I could have fun with color and not worry about painting anything in particular.

Neither of us really know what we are doing as far as painting goes, but it was fun. And now I have a painting to remember her by when she moves to Ohio. Boo.

For playoff football, the varsity captains decide what sort of crazy thing they are going to do to their hair to show team solidarity. This year they decided on Mohawks and black dye.

John asked me to do his hair, and honestly, I don't know who was more scared of me shaving his head, him or me. I drew the line at Mohawk and refused to shave racing stripes into the sides of his head. Not because I didn't want him to have them, but because I was scared to mess them up.

Also, I have a boy with a six-pack. 

What the? 
How did that happen? 

jedi mind trick: 
 (hand swipe) the room is not messy
(hand swipe) that is not a pile of stuff on top of the treadmill

Mother/son bonding time over hair dye.

(When I imagined what it might be like to be a mom to a boy, I never imagined I'd experience that.)

Tuesday night sectional playoff game. John's first varsity start (as a sophomore) at quarterback. No pressure or anything.

I could barely concentrate all day long leading up to the game, I was so nervous. It's not easy being a QB mom. (read: every play I have to watch the defense try to kill him)

We lost. He felt bad. It's been a tough season for him with pneumonia, Osgood-Schlatter's, and a meniscus injury - not to mention a QB competition with two other good QBs. But I was so proud of the way he played under constant pressure, even converting a 4th and long "with poise" (as the local radio play by play announcer described it).

Now football's done for the year.

On to baseball already.

It was my turn to plan date night. I made a photo scavenger hunt. Here we are taking a selfie with the Mayo brothers. You can see the rest of the photos from the scavenger hunt date night and the complete list on my post about it here.

It was so much fun, we laughed so hard! Laughter is good medicine, and with each silly photo we healed a little bit more.

(Glad to hear we inspired some of my friends to do the same.)

Sunday I worked on my circles a bit more. There's something so calming about playing with paint and color. Except the more I look at it, the more I want to change it. And the more I change it, the more I wish I hadn't. I'd better stop now.

I buy cheap sunglasses because I'm afraid of misplacing them and I don't want to misplace expensive ones.

The tradeoff is that cheap sunglasses break easily.This pair took only 3 weeks to break. First the one side, then the other.

Now both sides are being held in place with staples.

Because I'm cheap.And I have cheap sunglasses.

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