snapshots & thoughts: golden birthday edition

This edition of snapshots and thoughts is golden because apparently I didn't take many snapshots this week other than of anything golden.

My thoughts & snapshots were centered around my daughter's golden birthday.

Fourteen on October 14th.

For days before the big golden day, I was scheming ways to transform the dining area into gold.

Every year I lament over the Christmas items in stores already by October. Until this year, when I was able to pick up some Christmas gold decorations for 40% off at Hobby Lobby.

It was like a gold mesh explosion. I hung it over the curtains, I laid it on the table for a runner, I draped it over the backs of the chairs and tied it with gold mesh bows held in place with gold pipe cleaners.

Bottles spray painted gold held golden roses. Gold curling ribbon and Christmas garland hung from the light. The banner I made from gold wrapping paper. 

Gold Christmas ornaments in a glass canister made an easy golden decoration. Dollar store gold frames held some designs that I made while watching a movie one evening. The golden angel food cake sat on top of some gold wrapping paper.

You can never have enough gold.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Her request for her birthday breakfast in bed was glazed donuts from Kwik Trip and a blended ice white chocolate campfire mocha from Caribou. (She knows the Caribou menu better than I do.) I told her to smile for the camera, but she said "I don't smile this early in the morning." Me either, actually.

She can smile at night though. Her birthday meal request was Buffalo Wild Wings. She wore that Birthday Buffalo hat like a boss.

Then we went back home for cake and presents.

The next day was the friends party. A sleep over at a local hotel where I get a discount since I work for the owners. Yay for bennies.

I arrived early and decked out the hotel room in gold before the girls got there.

After hot-tubbing, the girls got ready for some football.

I'm seriously considering lining an accent wall in the house with this gold mesh stuff. I'm kinda in love with it.

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